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Woven Wonders: One vs. Two

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One or two braids, which will you choose?

Which will you choose?

Back in the day, braids and pigtails made us reminisce about childhood. Nowadays they take us a few weeks back to fashion week and remind us how well a braid (or two!) can tie a look together for an all-grown-up look. They also remind us how much we wish we had our very own stylist for day-to-day hair styling. It's that thought that stops us in our tracks because who says you need to be a pro to perfect a plait? If you're doubting your ability, just keep scrolling to see how easy it can be. The hardest part will be choosing your woven wonder. Will you weave one modern fishtail braid or two sleek Rapunzel-length pigtails? The choice is up to you!

Braided Hairstyle #1: Textured Segmented Fishtail

While the seemingly-complicated three-strand braid first caught on in our youth, nowadays it's taken on a new, of-the-moment twist. While once the style was sleek with tight sectioning, now the braid welcomes imperfections and lived-in texture.


To achieve this laid-back, yet runway-ready braid, part your hair to one side and smooth it over one shoulder. Apply a wet-look gel, such as the L'Oréal Professionnel Tecni.Art Extreme Splash Wet-Look Gel , from your hairline down to the nape of your neck and run a comb through it for the ultimate smooth finish. Once everything looks just right, secure your ponytail with a clear elastic. Split your ponytail in two and weave a few stitches of a fishtail braid until you reach about two inches down your ponytail. Hold your ponytail in one hand while using the other to add pieciness by lightly separating the section you just weaved.Secure directly beneath it with a clear mini elastic, creating your first segment. Before braiding another section, wrap a few strands around the elastic to add to the natural-looking messiness of your ethereal side braid. Continue this process all the way down the braid. The end result should look like a messy bubble pony with fishtail accents.


Pro Tip: If you want your whole head to look messy and laid back, switch the gel out for texture spray and keep it loose, allowing tendrils to fall out to frame your face.

Braided Hairstyle #2: Rapunzel-Length Pigtails

If you've kept up to date on all the latest runway trends, then you're well aware just how popular extra-long blunt strands are bound to be in 2018. One fun way to play up the trend is with double braids. These Rapunzel-length pigtails have been seen strutting down the runway and through city streets proving to not only be stylish, but super easy to achieve.


To achieve this down-to-there sleek strand look, part your hair down the middle, making sure to keep your part extra crisp. Apply some wet-look gel into your hair and use a comb to smooth it through your strands. The idea isn't to make a super wet look, just a crisp, clean hold, so don't worry about applying too little. After you've applied your gel, split each side of your hair into three sections and weave traditional three strand braids all the way to your ends before tying them off with clear mini elastics.

Pro Tip: This hairstyle is the perfect base for second-day hair. After rocking your braids, instead of taking them out, sleep on them and unravel them the next morning. Shake your hair out (don't use a brush) and spritz them with texture spray, like Tecni.Art Next Day Hair, and scrunch from the ends up to perfect the lived-in locks look.

There you have it, two braids pointing to one question: Which will you choose?

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