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Why We're Obsessed with Asymmetrical Bobs

A new take on a timeless classic.

While the bob is a timeless classic, if you're looking to add a little edge to this perennial favorite try going asymmetrical. This rocker-cool cut made a resurgence recently, as A-list celebs rocked it on the red carpet. What's best about the cut is that it's incredibly versatile-read: no celebrity status necessary! It looks amazing on just about everyone. Get tips on how to style and find out why we're obsessing over asymmetrical bobs (and lobs, alike!) below.

The best part about an asymmetrical cut-be it a bob, lob, or even a pixie cut-is the illusion of length it gives, despite still maintaining its short hair status. Since the cut looks equally amazing both sleek and straight or mussed-up and wavy, it's truly the ultimate low maintenance cut. Upkeep is simple, although you will need to commit to trims to keep the ends looking just right. Good thing is that styling is a breeze-you can just wash and then wear this look. If you are looking to accentuate a great jawline or a long neck, this is the cut for you.

For fine-haired girls, ask your hairdresser for blunt-cut ends. This will give the appearance of fullness-as layers on fine hair can cause locks to look piecey and thin. But, for girls with thick hair, layers are key. "In order for this cut to be styled easily at home, it needs to have enough separation and energy in the ends rather than being cut blunt," advises NYC stylist and L'Oréal Professionnel Ambassador Drew Schaefering. Wear the cut straight or opt for a little texture by using curling irons or texturizing sprays.

To Style Wavy: Distribute a volumizing product through wet hair and blow dry from roots to ends with a paddle brush. Next, create messy waves with a curling iron or wand, alternating between wrapping hair toward and away from the face. Flip your hair upside and shake the curls out to separate, flip back over, and tuck your hair on the shorter side behind your ear.

To Style Smooth and Straight: Distribute a smoothing cream-like Tecni.Art Dual Stylers Sleek & Swing-through damp hair and blow dry with a paddle brush. Next, use a flat iron to smooth hair down on either side, creating a blunt, straight edge. Tuck the shorter side behind your hair and if you have any flyaways use a styling wax to tame them.

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