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Platinum Persuasion

How to go platinum blonde.

With many of the most notable raven-haired celebs lightening their locks to a perfect platinum in recent weeks, it's clear that platinum blonde is going to be one of the seasons trendiest haircolors. "This 'notice me' color is what people are craving after a phase of more natural, lived-in looks," explains Min Kim, L'Oréal Professionnel Artist and top New York City hairdresser. We tapped into Kim to learn more about this bombshell blonde and what you can expect if you decide take the plunge and go platinum!

While years past brought us effortless-looking haircolors and techniques like bronde and balayage, platinum blonde is the in-your-face answer to those subdued hues. This pattern from natural to notice me-as Kim put it-is a common occurrence in the beauty world. In fact, L'Oréal Professionnel Ambassadors all over the country remark that hair trends tend to go from one extreme to the next. So, naturally, the months of haircolors that appeared gracefully grown out are now making way for shades that are more intentional, like platinum.

When going platinum, expect your hair to be colored to the root. To protect your scalp from the (double) process, Kim recommends going to the salon with hair that's slightly dirty-but no more than 2-3 days. Any more than that and the color won't lift through the oils. Another tip? Don't wait too long in between touch-up appointments. "Don't go more than four weeks," she warns, otherwise banding can be created during the root touch-up.

While your hairdresser can customize the tones in your haircolor to complement your skin, Kim says that true platinum locks look best with the porcelain, pale complexions that many gals sport in the winter months. Fashion has gorgeous colors in store for this fall and winter that constrast beautifully with platinum locks. "It's an ethereal vibe," she says, explaining that platinum blonde locks look beautiful with the rich jewel tones embraced in clothing during this time of the year.

Kim notes that while balayage and babylight highlights pair beautifully with shaggy cuts and long beachy hair, with platinum blonde you'll want an edgy, shorter haircut. Platinum blonde color makes a statement, so you'll want a cut that can back it up. Look to blunt bobs, angled lobs, and pixie cuts to complete your new look!

This is a high-maintenance look that requires time, commitment, and proper care at home Kim explains-especially if you have darker hair naturally "This isn't a short term commitment, rather it's a long term relationship," she says. Care for your platinum locks with shampoos and conditioners formulated for color-treated hair and invest in hydrating moisture masks to maintain your hair's integrity and shine.

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