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  • Wavy Hair Showdown: Curling Iron vs. Flat Iron Waves

Wavy Hair Showdown: Curling Iron vs. Flat Iron Waves

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Flat Iron waves vs. curling iron waves

The battle of the bend.

Whether you want give off an effortless, beachy vibe or you're looking to up your glamour game, perfectly placed waves are a safe bet. But, how you achieve the look can make all the difference in the final result. Flat irons and curling irons both deliver gorgeous texture in very different ways. Figure out which waves are right for you, below.

Flat Iron Waves

The style: Unlike its curling iron counterpart, a flat iron wave gives hair a more beachy and natural-looking effect. This style lays flatter to the head, not giving that va-va-volume that comes from using a curling iron or wand. The look is less intentional and much more lived-in.

Get the look: Take one-inch sections of hair and smooth your flat iron down about 3 to 4 inches. From there, turn the iron away from your face once and smooth it down through your hair, leaving out the ends. Alternate between turning the iron in towards your face and away from your face with each new section of hair you curl.

Curling Iron Waves

The style: Perfect for special events or any time you want some serious volume, curling iron waves are the classic go-to. You can choose to start your waves closer to the root for more volume or away from the scalp for a softer look. The result is bouncy, full, and refined curls.

Get the look: Using a 1- to 2-inch curling wand or iron, wrap sections of your hair loosely around the barrel, away from your face, leaving out the very end. Keep your hair wrapped around the barrel for up to 12 seconds, then remove the iron without tugging on your strands. Once your hair has cooled, run your fingers or a brush through the curls to create waves.

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