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Tips for Air-Drying Your Hair

Step away from the hot tools.

If the Fashion Week runways have taught us anything, it's that 2018 has been the year for embracing your hair's natural texture. Out with the picture-perfect polished locks that have been stretched and sprayed into submission and in with the cool-girl, effortless beauty you were born with. Whether you have bouncy curls, beachy waves, or pin straight strands, this is the year to show off what you've got! The best way to go about embracing your natural texture? Stepping away from the hot tools and letting your hair air dry. Below, find expert air drying hacks for every hair texture.

How to Air Dry Curly Hair

"Curly hair needs moisture to look it's best," says expert stylist and L'Oréal Professionnel Ambassador Yureesh Hooker, so your air drying journey starts in the shower. Use hydrating shampoos and conditioners and pencil in weekly hydrating masks to truly pamper your curls. When it's time to dry, Hooker suggests using a leave-in conditioner to maintain shine and softness. You can opt to leave the curl pattern undisturbed or you can create twists-using ½-inch to 1-inch sections of hair-and allow your hair to completely air dry before shaking them loose.

How to Air Dry Wavy Hair

Like curls, waves need hydration to look their best. Hair oils are a great way to add that much-needed hydration without causing waves to look lifeless. Remember, a little goes a long way in keeping your waves shiny, soft, and manageable. Hooker also recommends using a volumizing mousse on damp wavy strands, braiding, and allowing your hair to dry while styled. Once you remove the braid, you will have soft, effortless waves. You can also reach for a texturizing spray that can give your locks that quintessential beach babe vibe.

How to Air Dry Straight Hair

Straight hair is perhaps the easiest of the bunch when it comes to manageability, but it's the toughest when it comes to volume. To keep your straight hair from falling flat, start the process when you wash. Reach for shampoos and conditioners formulated for fine hair which won't weigh your hair down. Don't use conditioner at the roots. Instead, use a small nickel-sized amount and distribute from the center of your hair down to the ends. When damp, use a quarter-sized dollop of volumizing mousse and work into the roots. If you have thick hair, use a small amount of hair oil in the same areas you used conditioner. Then, comb through with a wide-tooth comb to remove any knots or tangles than can form. Finally, once your straight hair has dried, lift the roots and spritz a small amount of texturizing spray which can help to give your locks a little lift.

Hooker says to not worry if every strand doesn't look perfectly in place as that's the beauty of the current trend!

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