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  • The Side Part vs. The Middle Part

The Side Part vs. The Middle Part

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Side part vs. middle part

Which part is your fave?

Are you growing tired of parting your hair in the same place each and every day? Switching up your part is a quick-and zero commitment-way to change up your entire look. Can't decide between a chic middle part or a sultry side part? Check out our expert tips below to help you pick your part!

Middle Part

It's been said that the only people who can rock a middle part are supermodels and celebrities-but, we beg to differ. A middle part, when styled the right way, can look amazing on everyone! When our hair is parted in the middle it can evoke either a carefree 70's-era bohemian vibe or an ultra-cool laidback 90's aesthetic depending on the length and texture of your locks. When styling your hair with a middle part, it's imperative to keep frizz and flyaways at bay. Reach for smoothing gels or creams before blow-drying and for hair oils or waxes once your locks are dry to tame any unruly strands.

One look we love for long hair is a middle partbouncy blowout! For a blowout worthy of a walk-on roll on our favorite 90's sitcom, first use a smoothing cream and then, starting from the bottom of your hair, blow-dry in sections using a natural-bristle brush-this helps tame frizz and give your hair a little extra shine. Once you get to the crown, use a long-tail comb to create a sleek middle part and blow-dry either side. To get each side of the part to fall beautifully, reach for a 1.5-inch barrel curling iron and brush the face-framing layer of your hairstyle forward-as though you had bangs. Next, wrap this section around the barrel from the ends up, away from your face. Hold for a few seconds, release, and separate. Spray each side with a light mist of hairspray to keep in place. If you have time, you can opt instead to roll this layer around a large velcro roller after blowing-dry. Allow the section to cool while you apply your makeup and then release for the same effect! For a 70s-era twist, ask your stylist to cut face-framing curtain bangs that part in the middle and compliment just about every face shape.

Have shorter hair? A sleek middle part bob is the look of the moment and we are here for it. Also called glass hair, a middle part bob is cut in a blunt style and relies on hair serum for a helathy-looking shiny, reflective finish. After blowdrying your hair, reach for a comb and a flat iron to smooth your locks and create this ultra-sleek style.

Side Part

Still not convinced a middle part is for you? Opt for a sultry side part. A side part can be worn slightly off center or deep to one side, making it an incredibly versatile option for parting your hair. We love the effortlessness of a side part as it's often where our hair naturally falls, making it incredibly easy to style. What's more, deeper side parts can add major drama to both beachy waves and Hollywood-like curls.

Our favorite side parted look of the moment is a wavy style. We love that the side part here doesn't need to be as precise as it would be with other styles and can often be achieved simply by flipping your hair over to one side. To achieve, start with a fresh blowout and then using a curling wand, curl 1-inch sections of hair around the wand while leaving out the very bottom so it remains straight. Alternate between curling toward and away from the face for a natural, lived-in wave. When all of your hair is curled, brush through with your fingers and spray a little light-hold hair spray. Finally using your hand, flip your hair over to one side for a messy devil-may-care side part.

Best part about this part is that it can be worn on shorter and longer lengths and when you're in need of a little extra volume, flip your part over to the opposite side for a new look in less than a second!

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