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  • The Half-Up Bouffant: A Hollywood Throwback

The Half-Up Bouffant: A Hollywood Throwback

Bring this retro style to the modern age.

You can bring this retro style into the modern age with touchable texture or a deep part.

Get the Look

This classic style-which often evokes visions of a blonde bombshell-feels girly, yet chic, and is totally wearable on any length from medium to long.

For easy at-home styling, our haircare professionals suggest investing in a teasing brush or comb, a volumizing dry shampoo or hairspray, and of course, plenty of bobby pins. Start with clean, dry hair and, for a more-classic rendition, a middle part. You can also personalize the look by picking a part that works with your face shape and cut. Add a little spray or dry shampoo to create texture before you begin teasing. Dry shampoo will also make hair appear matte, absorbing oils so hair doesn't look shiny or greasy.

Tease Away

You'll want to tease (or backcomb) a good two-inch section of your hair towards the back of the crown. Tease your way halfway down back of your head, emphasizing the tease at the root. Then, move towards the front of your face, tapering the teasing as you move forward, leaving a few pieces down to frame your face. You can also tease small sections on both sides above the ears for added volume. With a comb, gently smooth hair back around the part-without combing out the teased hair-pulling back the sides, and secure behind your head with a few bobby pins. Finalize with a little hairspray to keep everything in place and you're ready to rock.

Pro Tip

For additional glamour on longer locks, start by curling hair (just at the ends) with a two-inch barrel. Brushing out curly ends with a boar-bristle brush will help make your hair appear fuller and more voluminous.

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