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The 5 Hottest Haircolor Trends for Spring

New season, new haircolor!

The weather is warming up, the flowers are in bloom, and most of us are itching for a little change. If you're one of those girls that changes her haircolor the way most of us change our wardrobe for the season, you'll want to read this. From bold geode hair to natural-looking nude beige, we're sharing the five hottest haircolor trends for this spring below!




Rose gold needs to make a little room for the latest shade to make its way to the cool kids table: peach. "This spring we're going to see the rose gold transition into a peachy iridescent apricot," says L'Oréal Professionnel Artist Jo Blackwell. Iridescent peach and its sister blorange are making waves right now, for good reason. The shades feature warm tones that pair beautifully with our skin during the steamier seasons. You can personalize your peach by going soft and subtle like a pastel or by going in-your-face vibrant-it's a win-win either way!


Colorful Hair


As we mention above this season it's all about haircolors that have been inspired by makeup. Everything from contouring and highlighting to layering or opting for a no-makeup look. The final haircolor trend is no exception: colorful hair. For the last few seasons we've warmed up to the idea of pinks and pastels, but this season it's going to be bigger than ever. Expect to see unicorn-inspired hair that twists gorgeous blues and pinks together for a magical vibe. Also big for spring? Candy crush haircolor that is soft, light, and everything we loved about the pastels and platinums of season's past. "If you're thinking of trying this at home using a DIY dye, it's going to fade fast," explains L'Oreal Professionnel Artist Jason Backe. "Stylists at L'Oréal Professionnel salons use professional permanent haircolor, which provides more vibrant looks and increased longevity."





For years, geodes were simply known as rocks lined with gorgeous crystals, but this season's geode haircolor trend is poised to change that. Marked by dazzling jewel tones like amethyst, moonstone, and sapphire, the color starts as your natural base at the roots and fades into vibrant shades as it reaches the ends. The multi-tonal haircolor is seriously on trend blending the best of the ombré and mermaid colors of last year into a bold new look. Best of all, your hairdresser can personalize this color to your liking so you can have a subtle pop of color or a more brilliant, head-turning geode look.


Nude Beige


This celeb-favorite-it's sported on L'Oréal Professionnel's own ambassador Hailey Baldwin-nude beige is a serious IT shade of blonde for spring. Blending both warm and cool tones, nude beige suits every skin tone making it as easy to wear as the no-makeup makeup trend that inspired it. The nude color is highlighted at the facial contours which gives it a beautiful personalized touch.


Copper Wave


While last year we loved Copper Shine Lights, this year it's all about the Copper Wave. "Even at its most vibrant, copper is typically seen as a natural hair color," explains L'Oréal Professionnel Artist Suzie Bond. "Copper looks great on many skin tones and will enhance all of your positive [features]." The technique was inspired by makeup-a huge haircolor inspiration across the board this year. Just like you'd layer cosmetics to brighten the contours of your face, Copper Wave utilizes multiple shades in a smooth balayage technique to bring all the attention to your gorgeous face. Ideal for redheads looking to give their locks mega-watt shine, this vibrant color helps to warm up your look for the warmer weather.


No matter which haircolor you chose it's important to care for it properly so it will last as long as possible between visits to the salon. Reach for shampoos and conditioners that have been formulated for color-treated hair and give your locks lots of moisture by incorporating weekly hair masks into your routine.

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