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Long Curly Hair: Natural Never Goes Out of Style

Styling long, natural curls.

Cascading curls have long been the envy of ladies with limp, lifeless locks. Natural-looking curls add a touch of whimsy to the longest of lengths.

Loosen up

Gone are the days of crunchy, over-gelled curls. Fresh, modern curls are soft, supple, and springy. Style naturally curly hair by lightly combing in a styling gel when hair is wet, says NYC stylist and L'Oréal Pro Ambassador Pepper Pastor. "When you comb curly hair and put in a product like that, it starts to form a really beautiful wave pattern," she says. "Let that air dry, undisturbed, and you'll be left with a beautiful controlled curl once it's dry."

For a smoother look––that is perfect for a special event––use a .5-inch curling wand to define some of the face-framing curls. This trick maintains the integrity of the natural curl pattern while taming any potential rogue strands.

Perms are back

(No really, they are.) To avoid a perms biggest enemy, frizz, it's really important to define your curls. While the perms of yesteryear recall images of Flashdance, Saved by the Bell, and Chia Pets, today's perms are natural looking, more refined, and red-carpet ready. Use a mousse or a cream-in-gel to tame and soften your look.

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