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Is Blorange The New Rose Gold?

The latest trend in haircolor.

Last year we saw the rise of rose gold, a combination warm-and-cool-toned pink that gave off serious Magic Hour vibes. This year, the race is on to see which new hair color trend is going to reign supreme for spring. While peach is definitely a front-runner, the latest color to rise through the ranks is blorange, a color that is undeniably fun and perfect for the warmer weather ahead!

What is Blorange Hair?

While rose gold is decidedly a shade reminiscent of pink champagne, blorange blends pinks and orange shades together for a sunset-inspired color that screams summer. Blorange-which is a combination of blonde and orange-is much warmer than rose gold, so it looks best on those with warm undertones in their skin. Not sure if you have warm undertones? Turn your wrist over, if your veins have a greenish tint-and you look better in gold jewelery-your undertones are warm. Even if you don't have a warm skin tone, blorange can work for you as your hairdresser can customize the shade to best complement your skin tone. With the warmer seasons on the horizon, there's no better time than now to embrace the trend!

How to Get Blorange Hair

As with any trendy hair color, you'll want to leave blorange to the experts at the salon. Since it's such a unique shade it requires a professional touch in order to look its best-so you'll want to steer clear of any boxed blorange at the local drugstore. After your hairdresser gives you the ideal shade of blorange, you'll want to schedule regular appointments to touch up the shade every 6-8 weeks with a tone-on-tone demi-permanent gloss to add vibrancy.

Blorange requires you to first lighten your hair to a pale blonde in order for the sunset hues to be front and center. Before lightening you'll want to talk to your hairdresser about Smartbond which can help to protect the integrity and health of your hair while you go from dark to light. If a full-on blorange feels like too much for you, consider a blorange balayage-hand-painted highlights that will look like it's melting from your base color to blorange. Another decision you'll want to make is whether you want your result to be bold and vibrant or soft and subtle.

Caring for Blorange Hair

After coloring your hair, be sure to invest in a professional quality shampoo and conditioner formulated for color-treated hair as to not cause the color to fade quickly. Once a week use a hydrating hair mask to help replenish your colored hair with moisture and keep it feeling and looking soft and shiny.

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