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Instant Highlights: 4 Ways to Highlight Your Hair, Fast

Want to highlight your hair, but don't have the time? Enter Instant Highlights.

The key to the best hair highlights is all about getting a natural-looking result. The color should subtly add radiance to your hair and face, increase the impression of volume and create healthy shine, all while looking as if you've simply spent a few days in the sun. But, adding highlights to your hair has typically been a time-intensive process that requires regular maintenance to keep the hair color looking fresh. If you've always felt like you didn't have the time to get your hair highlighted you're in luck. L'Oréal Professionnel has recently unveiled the newest service: Instant Highlights -a way to brighten up your overall look that fits into your busy schedule. Learn more about Instant Highlights and see four of our favorite ways to use highlights to instantly upgrade your look below!

Instant Highlights

In the past there were two main types of highlighting techniques your hairdresser could use: balayage or foiled highlights. Both techniques offer beautiful results and can be customized and tailored to your hair type, texture, cut, and color. But, as beautiful as highlights can be, they've always taken up a fair amount of time-between application, processing, and toning, you could expect to be in the salon for hours on end anytime you had an appointment. Not anymore. Instant Highlights is a new express lightening system that will have your locks lightened in 30 minutes or less without damaging your hair! If you've always put off highlights because you felt you didn't have the time, Instant Highlights are for you.

The 3-part express lightening system uses 5-15 dedicated foils, a new crème lightener, and an exclusive Instant Highlights Heating Iron that is designed to lift the hair color up to 6 levels in just 30 seconds! Worried about the heat? Don't be. "The fact that the new crème lightener was formulated to be under this kind of heat, and is infused with an oil, protects the hair. I'm usually extremely wary of heat with any lightener – but I tested Instant Highlights thoroughly and it leaves the hair in incredible condition every time," explains L'Oreal Professionnel Artist Ashley Zajac.

Now that time and hair damage aren't an issue, it's time to pick a highlight look that's perfect for you.

Beige blond balayage

We melt for icy beige blond balayage that's sure to keep you cool whatever the temperature outside. The key to these highlights is that they start right at the roots, combining different neutral and cool shades of blond all the way down to the tips. The result is an ultra-professional chic hair color that gives volume and dimension; perfect if you have naturally thin hair.

Pro tip: If you have thin hair, layers can give you thicker-looking locks. It doesn't mean you can't have blunt ends, though. Ask your stylist about working in some subtle layering around the face, and opt for a slightly off-center part to create more movement in the hair.

Caramel brown hair with highlights

The best hair highlights, if you prefer your color to look completely natural with just a hint of sun-kissed gold, are these caramel shades placed expertly down the lengths of your hair. The color blends in beautifully with darker hair, subtly lifting the entire look. It can also be a great way of discreetly transitioning to an all-over lighter color. Your hair colorist will take your natural skin tone and hair color into consideration when picking the best shades for your look, because not everyone suits the same tones.

Pro tip: To give longer hair a glossy yet natural shine without it looking greasy, rub just a few drops of hair oil in your palms such as L'Oreal Professionnel Mythic Oil Huile Originale , then stroke down the lengths of the hair. This will catch the light as you move, and help keep the hair cuticles moisturized.

Ombré for mid-length wavy hair

Give your mid-length hair some pep this summer with a wavy blond ombré. Dark at the roots, blond at the tips, your ombré doesn't have to be symmetrical all the way round. Bring the sunshine to your face with highlights around the cheek and jaw level that then fade slightly at the back, for a less intense color demarcation all the way around. Wavy hair looks best with these highlights, as the different colors weave around one another and the light reflects off the blond sections.

Pro tip: If you're not a naturally curly girl, use the L'Oreal Professionnel Hollywood Waves collection for a variety of tailored products designed to help create and contour the perfect waves or curls.

Blond balayage for dark hair

Often, those with darker hair will shy away from highlights (especially blond ones) because they're worried it'll look unnatural. But this is where the artistry of your hair colorist comes in. Even black hair with highlights can look beautifully effortless. The trick is to keep highlights where the sun would naturally hit the hair, focusing on the front layers, and using a wide spectrum of colors, from dark caramel to brighter blond, all in the same tone (warm or cool). Long glossy waves will help merge all the colors together, for a stunning polychromatic look that shimmers in the light.

Pro tip: The longer your hair, the heavier it becomes, and it risks losing volume and vitality. To prevent this, use a color-protecting shampoo and a conditioner that won't weigh down the hair fiber but will still provide nourishment and protection. Try L'Oreal Professionnel Lumino Contrast , a haircare collection specifically for highlighted hair that boosts color while also reviving the hair itself.

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