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How to Wear Your Hair with A Hat-and Without Hat Hair

Because good hair days can include hats.

Summer is a season known for its unpredictable weather. One second it's gorgeous and sunny and the next, humid and raining. The perfect accessory for this unpredictable climate? A chic hat. But, hats can pose a few problems when it comes to showing off your hair-not to mention the dreaded hat hair that they can leave behind once you remove them. Here's how to wear your hair with a hat and avoid the flat, frizzy hat hair.

Why we love a hat

From wide-brimmed fedoras to British bowlers to panamas with panache, hats immediately add style to any look. Ideal for hiding greasy roots in-between washes, or keeping hair under control on a windy, rainy, or humid day, a hat is both stylish and practical!

Hats are also ideal for helping to protect your hair color from the harsh side effects of the sun's UV rays. Too much sun exposure can cause that gorgeous color you left the salon with to go brassy or fade. A hat helps to protect your hair color the same way that sunscreen protects your skin. If you're spending a lot of time outdoors, make sure to keep a cute one on hand!

How to wear your hair under a hat

These days, modern fashionistas are opting for shorter cuts like pixies, bobs, and long bobs, cut into piecey layers to create natural-looking volume. Underneath a hat, a long bob that falls right to your chin or shoulder line will showcase your bone structure and draw attention to your eyes.

How to prevent "hat hair"

To contrast with the glamour of a wide-brimmed hat, why not give your hair an on-trend matte finish while also preventing against flat, limp "hat hair?" The Anti-Gravity Root Spray from the Volumetry line by Serie Expert not only gives your hair a modern matte texture, but lifts it from the roots.

Another pro tip to avoid the static that a hat can cause is to spray the inside of your cap with a frizz-fighting spray before wearing it. This creates a buffer between your hair and the hat in order to stop the friction that causes static!




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