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How to Use Texturizing Sprays Like a Professional Hairdresser

Expert tips!

To find out how to use texturizing sprays the right way, we turned to hairdresser and L'Oréal Professionnel Artist Drew Schaefering. Get the full 411, below!

What Is a Texturizing Spray?

"A texturizing spray is any sort of spray that will add to the texture of the hair. It gives a little grip and some roughness for hold and a matte pliability. Texturizing sprays come in many different forms from liquids (like salt sprays) to dry aerosol sprays (dry texturizing sprays). The biggest difference between most of them is the strength of them and what the goal is," Schaefering says. Take for instance the texturizing sprays below:

1. Tecni.Art Beach Waves: "This is a liquid salt spray that typically goes on hair wet since water helps to distribute and dilute the product, but can also be misted on dry hair for a stronger effect."

2. Tecni.Art Next Day Hair: "This is a very dry and highly mineralized texturizing product that gives a very starchy effect, so a little goes a long way. This product can act as a dry shampoo if used on the roots when hair is greasy to absorb oil since it is a matte finish. It will give the roots a firmer feel and help lift the hair off of the scalp (which is important as most scalp oils weigh hair down). When sprayed through the mid lengths and ends of hair, it will help achieve a tousled finish and build more body and volume through the shape of the hair, giving it a beachier look."

Remember: "Typically, a wet product is used on wet hair and a dry product will be used on dry hair," he shares. "Even though the aerosol texturizing sprays may come out of a spray can and feel wet at first, they actually dry with a dry finish as opposed to wet. That being said, wet products can go on dry hair. Just remember, hair is like a sponge and if you spray a lot of product on dry hair it will absorb it much differently than wet hair."

While some people use dry shampoo as a texturizing spray alternative, Schaefering says that dry shampoo lacks the hold of a traditional texturizing product. "If someone has an oily scalp, the dry shampoo will help counteract the shine from the oil but the hair may still remain flat to the head and heavy since the oil is stronger than the powders and deodorizers in the dry shampoo. That being said, the dry shampoos are great to maintain a light airy feel to hair that isn't overly dirty, while dry texturizing sprays will add a heavier product feel."

Are Texturizing Sprays One-Size-Fits-All?

Finding the right type of texturizing spray for you has to do with application and the amount used. "Someone with very fine hair may need more or less hold or control from the product since their hair tends to fall flatter than someone with thicker hair, which stays better on its own," he explains. "The thing to remember is that texturizing sprays add polymers to the hair which thicken the head of hair as a whole, giving it less of a soft movement and more of a softer more natural structure than say hairspray."

How to Use Texturizing Sprays

"Short, quick bursts of product are a great way to slowly build in and add texture to the style. Once you put too much in, it can be hard to make it work. Here's a tip that I love to share with clients and models; Take an empty spray bottle and fill it with ½ bottled water and ½ Tecni.Art Beach Waves. On mornings when you don't shampoo or wet your hair, spray this diluted mixture around your hairline, scalp and ends and quickly blow dry or let air dry to revive your style. Since the product is diluted in water, it gives the same effect as if you were spraying the product on to clean wet hair. Don't be afraid to experiment. Any place where you desire more of a rougher texture to hair, spray it there. Whether it be the roots of a style for volume, the ends for body, or a ponytail for thickness, these sprays are very versatile and can be used in many ways."

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