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How To: The Bouffant

Channel your inner '60s girl.

Looking to add volume to your mane? Few styles can achieve the same impressive volume and height as a bouffant. While we know the thought of achieving a bouffant can be intimidating, it's much simpler to master than you might immediately assume. For a helping hand (and some expert tips), we tapped L'Oreal Professionnel artist Ron Lopez. Read on for step-by-step instructions on how you can achieve this vintage-inspired hairstyle at home!


Get the Look


1. This style works best with hair that has some texture and lift. If your hair is freshly washed, you'll want to use something to give it some grip. Spritz L'Oreal Professionnel Next Day Hair throughout dried hair liberally. Focus the application at the root and then tousle with your fingers for a disheveled, next-day look.


2. Next, part your hair in a horse shoe-shaped section, from temple to temple. After sectioning out the crown, create horizontal sections, Lopez advises.


3. Now it's time to add some height! With a flat, mixed bristle brush, lift the horizontal piece where you want to add volume. Follow a scooping motion to pull the hair from the end to the root in one sweeping motion. (Do this section by section, from the front to the back.) "This gives the hair a softer look compared to backcombing," Lopez says. As opposed to the traditional technique of teasing, this accomplishes the volume you desire without creating tangles in the hair.


4. Once your desired height is achieved, smooth out the surface of the bouffant. A small boar bristle brush can be useful to help create a perfectly coifed bouffant. If there's any frizz or flyaways, gently smooth a nourishing hair oil over the crown to tame.


5. To secure your bouffant, use several bobby pins to hold it in place. Finally, sweep up the hair on the sides of the head and secure the sections in place with additional bobby pins. Set the look with hairspray and boom, you're done!

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