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How To Go (or Stay!) Red This Fall

Seeing red!

Each year as the temperatures dip, hairdressers across the country see more and more clients coming in to go red. According to Suzie Bond, hairdresser and L'Oréal Professionnel Artist, this is all due to fashion. "Think about what happens to us and our wardrobe in fall," she says. "We lose whatever depth the sun gave us through the summer months and our wardrobe goes black. We need some color in our lives!" Enter rich, vibrant reds and coppers! If you're hoping to give red a try-or if you want to warm up your already crimson locks-keep reading. We're sharing everything you need to know about coloring your hair a gorgeous warm red this fall!

Red hair and fall go hand-in-hand, for good reason. "Since red is a color that's known to be difficult to keep looking fresh, it makes sense to wait until the sun takes a step back from the earth before making that commitment," Bond explains. But, before taking the plunge know that there are few musts to consider. Bond lays them all out below:

1. Maintenance: "Four-week maintenance is necessary for covering new growth as well as keeping the ends looking fresh. In-salon maintenance is crucial, so preschedule those appointments! Four weeks is the standard to keep your red hair looking fresh and believable."

2. TLC: "Shampoo less often at home. Every other day maximum. Be sure to cool your water down while shampooing with professional color products like Vitamino AOX. Professional color-preserving shampoo such as Vitamino AOX will make your salon money well-spent. Be sure to use a heat protector before blow drying or heat styling to protect that color. My favorite is Vitamino AOX 10-in-1 spray."

3. Commitment: "With today's technology in haircolor, reds don't leave the hair the way they used to. Going blonde in one step will not be possible after many vibrant reds are applied, so commitment is a factor."

Now that you know what goes into being a faux redhead it's time to determine which shade of red will look best with your skin tone. "The best part about reds is that every skin tone can wear one!" Bond shares. "Finding your perfect tone must involve a consultation with your professional hairdresser." Some things to look for are:

• If you have dominating yellow tones you can wear deeper copper or a violet base.

• If you have dominating pink tones you can wear cool reds or vibrant coppers.

• Many people have combinations of both warm and cool skin. If this is your case, look at the one that is dominating and try the opposite. For example, if you look mostly warm, try a cool red. If you look mostly cool, try a warm copper."

While the above is great for brunettes and blondes aiming to go red, what about the ladies who hit the haircolor jackpot? Natural redheads often look to the fall season as a time to warm up the gorgeous color they were blessed with. "If you already have red hair, fall is the perfect time to go a bit deeper and richer," Bond says. "You can take your base color a little darker and pull some strands through for a fall variation. You could also take your base a little browner and your ends a little brighter for a red ombré!"

Expert Tip: "There is nothing more show-stopping than long red or copper hair, but shorter locks are in for fall," Bond shares. "Don't be afraid to take your chin-length bob to a hot rockin' red or your pixie to a screaming copper! The more layered or texturized your cut, the more you need dimension in your red. This will show off the cut while keeping your color looking updated and fresh."

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