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How to Find the Best Haircolor for Your Skin Tone

Discover your ideal shade!

Have you ever tried to pull off a certain hair color that looked A+ on your best friend only to discover that it doesn't suit your face whatsoever? The reason may have to do with your skin's tone. Choosing a hair color that flatters your skin tone can be the difference between a vibrant and dull appearance, making it an important factor to consider. While most people fall into either warm or cool tones-more on how to determine your skin's tone below-discovering which shade will look best on you isn't as easy to suss out. Beyond the basic choices of blonde, brown, red, and black (and their endless sub-colors), there's an entire spectrum of nontraditional shades like yellow, pink, purple and more that can make the decision all the more difficult. Since few things are worse than investing time and money into a hair color that simply doesn't complement your complexion, we're sharing some of the best hues for every skin tone, ahead.


The first step in picking the perfect hair color? Determine your skin tone. As mentioned earlier, most people fall within two categories: warm and cool. To determine where your skin tone lies, wear a white shirt and stand in front of the mirror. (The more natural light, the better.) Take a peek at the veins on the underside of your wrist. Are they predominantly blue/purple? You most likely have cool undertones. If your veins look mostly green, this could indicate warm undertones. Keep in mind that these undertones can change with the seasons. Your skin's tone may appear different in the winter than in the summer when it could have a sun-kissed glow. A good guideline to follow is to pick a hair color that's opposite from your skin's undertones. If you have warm undertones, reach for a cooler color, and vice versa. Of course, since hair color is not one-size-fits-all, this will vary a bit from person to person.

Got your skin tone down pat? Good. Now we can move on to the really fun part-picking your hair color! We share the best shades to consider on warm and cool tones, below.


Following the opposites attract motto, reach for a cool-toned hair color to complement your warm skin tone. Book a consultation with your colorist to discuss some options. Their expertise can help point you in the right direction so you can achieve the color of your dreams!


Cool skin tones should opt for warm hair colors. Of course, there's no shortage of hues to choose from, which can make the decision even more difficult! If you're stuck, sit down with your colorist. They can provide color recommendations that will perfectly complement your skin tone.

Pro tip: While most colors need to be customized to your skin tone, there are some that are universally flattering. According to hairdresser, and L'Oréal Professionnel Artist, Jo Blackwell, the absence of color suits everyone. "Black or white pretty much works on everyone," she says. "That's why grey is so popular right now. It's not warm or cool, it's the absence of color."

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