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How To Do a Top Knot

Messy bun, step aside. Follow these tips and learn how to do a top knot for sophisticated (and simple) look.

Let's talk top knots. Whether you need to quickly toss your hair up pre-workout, want to hide the fact that your hair is slightly oilier than you'd like, or are looking to show off your amazing makeup look, the top knot is the hairstyle for you. While certain buns are more difficult to achieve (we're taking to you: chignon), the top knot is one of the easiest updos out there-no wonder it's such a popular look. Ready to take part in this top trend? Here, we're sharing how to do a top knot on long hair and short hair, plus, how to create a top knot space bun style and a messier top knot look. Basically, find out how to do all the possible top knots below!

How to Do a Classic Top Knot

Before we delve into the trendier versions of the top knot style, let's go over the basics. If you're capable of pulling your hair into a ponytail, we're confident you can manage following these simple steps on how to do a top knot.

Step 1: Comb Through Tangles

A classic top knot-as opposed to the messier version we'll talk about in a bit-should be a sleek style. And that means no tangles! Before you begin on your bun, spritz damp strands with the Mythic Oil Detangling Spray, then carefully comb out any of those pesky knots.

Step 2: Gather Hair into a Ponytail

Remember what we said about ponytails? Here's where you can put those skills to use. Gather all of your hair into a high ponytail, making sure to smooth out any bumps.

Step 3: Form a Bun

You're almost finished! Begin twisting your ponytail all the way to its ends, then wrap your twisted tail around its own base to create your bun. Slip an elastic around the entire bun and there you have it-a top knot. If you see any stray strands, you can pin them down.

How to Do a Messy Top Knot

Prefer something messier than the end-result of our classic top knot tutorial? No problem! If you're all about undone, messy hairstyles, you'll love learning how to do a messy top knot.

Step 1: Use a Texturizing Spray

Don't worry if your hair doesn't have much natural texture. You can fake it with the help of a texturizing spray. Before styling, spray your locks with Tecni.ART Beach Waves to add texture and give your hair more grip-which will help keep your top knot in place once its formed.

Step 2: Create Your Top Knot

This step doesn't differ too much from how you created your classic top knot. Pull your hair into a ponytail, then twist it into a high bun. The only real difference is you don't have to worry about smoothing bumps or pinning strays-they'll add to the messy vibe of this hairstyle.

Step 3: Pull Out Face Framing Strands

There's one last step before you can rock your messy top knot. Carefully pull a few strands loose from your bun, choosing pieces that will frame your face. Ta-da! A messy top knot.

How to Do a Top Knot with Long Hair

All our gals with long hair, you're in luck! The top knot hairstyle was practically made for you, since it's an easy style that allows you to get all that hair out of your face. How to do a top knot with long hair doesn't require any special accommodations for all that length, unless you notice your hair is weighing down your bun and causing it to droop prematurely. If that's the case, try securing your ponytail with one elastic, and using another hair tie to lock in your bun. Using two elastics should solve that little problem!

How to Do a Top Knot with Short Hair

Short strands don't dictate that you can't participate in the top knot trend-you'll simply have to use a slightly different tactic. Instead of pulling all of your hair into a top knot, you'll get to sport an equally trendy look: the half up top knot. To do a top knot with short hair, follow all of the steps from our classic or messy tutorials, but only apply the directions to the top half of your hair-everything else should be left down.

How to Do Double Top Knot Buns

Ever since all your favorite influencers started sporting space buns to music festivals and other events that are total photo-ops, how to do top knot buns has been a top query. Instead of having a single top knot atop your head, this look involves doubling up for twice the fun. You can apply all the tips and steps we shared above but you'll part your hair down the middle first. Once your hair is divided into two sections, create a top knot on either side. If you really want to mimic your festival queens, spritz your otherworldly style with a temporary color spray or hair makeup, like #COLORFULHAIR FLASH , to your roots.

That's a wrap! Choose your favorite top knot style and have at it.

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