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How to Boost Your Haircolor This Fall

Breathe new life into your haircolor!

After a summer spent enjoying all that the warm weather has to offer, it's likely your hair is showcasing visible evidence of all that fun in the sun. Whether caused by the sun's UV rays, the salty ocean water, or long laps in chlorinated pools, after summer comes to an end our haircolor can often appear faded and lackluster? We chatted with hairdresser and L'Oréal Professionnel Artist Jessica Todd to learn exactly how you can breathe new life into your hair this season!

When it comes to rich, vibrant haircolors, Todd tells us that it all starts with a solid haircare routine. "Keeping your hair healthy is so important for how your color will take and [how long it will] last," she says. "It starts at home with what's in the shower. You wouldn't just throw your new favorite shirt in the wash that was 'dry clean only' would you? Your hair is fabric as well. You treat different fabric with different products and your hair is the same! If you invest in a great shampoo and conditioner that will ensure you are treating the surface of your hair, it will keep your hair shiny and healthy and allow for your color to last longer.

If you've noticed a few more split ends along with that faded color as summer came to an end, you're not alone. Getting a fresh cut at the start of fall to complement your new gorgeous haircolor is a must! "A fresh cut goes hand in hand with color," explains Todd. "If your ends are dead and limp they will tend to be very porous and will suck up and spit out color quickly. So do yourself a favor and don't be the girl asking your hairstylist for a micro-trim when you really need an inch cut off. It will look better! Trust the professional."

Going into the colder months, you'll want to incorporate some new habits into your routine to keep your hair looking healthy and your color gorgeous. Todd explains that many of us live in areas where the weather changes quickly, causing the humidity to go from 100% to 0% in what can feel like a matter of minutes. "This is why it's important to switch up your routine when the seasons change," she says. "Everyone's hair is different so don't just rely on your best friend's advice. Pay attention to shine, volume, and texture-and notice how all three of those things can change from season to season."

Todd recommends a gloss or a glaze to really add richness and shine to your locks. "I do a lot of photo glosses with DIA because of its shine and beautiful tones!" she shares. "DIA has a wide range of shades great for brunettes, blondes, and red heads. Then, I follow the gloss with a customized L'Oréal Professionnel treatment."

Not sure which color to try this season? Todd has a few favorites. "I always love summer to fall color transformations," she says. "I live in a seacoast town so I do a lot of blonde and balayage in the summer. As the summer goes on, my blondes get beat up from the ocean and pools. So taking a bright summer blonde to a fresh beige or honey blonde for fall is always fun and adds tons of shine back to the hair. I'm also seeing a lot of really rich mahogany right now and I'm obsessed with the new DIA Richesse Hi-Visibility shades because they really turn up the volume on the color and shine!"

"Color is more than an accessory, its an attitude and an expression of your personality," Todd says. "And in this busy world self-care is so important, so do yourself a favor and take of your hair, its something you wear everyday!"

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