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  • From Mohawk Braids to French Braids: 6 Braided Hairstyle Tutorials We Love

From Mohawk Braids to French Braids: 6 Braided Hairstyle Tutorials We Love

How to do a French braid How to do a fishtail braid How to do a braided crown How to do a mohawk braid How to do a braided part How to do a braided bun
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Learn how to braid your hair into a chic French braid, an edgy mohawk braid and more thanks to these 6 braided hairstyle tutorials!

Braids have come a long way from our grade school days. Today we're seeing gorgeous braided hairstyles that run the gamut from your classic French braids to more intricate styles like fishtails and braided crowns. These versatile hairstyles can be worn for a day at work, a special event, or a big night out with friends. From mohawk braids to fishtails to French braids, below we're sharing six braided hairstyle tutorials to inspire you to try something new!

Classic French Braid

There's nothing as chic as a classic French braid. The three-strand go-to may look like it's hard to achieve, but it's a surprisingly simple style.

Start with next-day hair or spray a texturizing spray through your hair in order to give it the grip it needs for the braid to stay in place-this tip rings true for all braids and hair textures! Next, section your hair off at the top, taking the section above the ears from the hairline to the crown. Separate this section into three smaller pieces and then cross them over one another. Place the right section over the center and then the left section over what's now the new center section. As you braid, weave sections from either side of the head into the side sections. When you get to the end, secure your braid with a small elastic and spray with a light-hold hairspray to hold everything in place.

Mermaid-Inspired Fishtail Braid

Channel your inner mermaid with a gorgeous fishtail braid. These two-strand braids can be worn small and tight or large and loose making them incredibly versatile. You can wear one to the side, in a ponytail, or-our personal favorite-in a very boho half-up half-down style.

Start by giving yourself beach waves by using a salt spray and allowing your locks to air-dry. If your hair needs a little more help getting that texture, use a curling wand and wrap 1-inch sections around the wand, alternating between curling toward and then away from the face. From there, use your fingers to loosen the curls into flowing, beachy waves. Next, part your hair and pull back a section from each side. Use the two sections to create a fishtail braid-we share a tutorial on how to fishtail braid your hair here. Once you're finished, secure with a small clear elastic and tug on each loop gently in order to loosen the braid and give the illusion of volume.

Braided Crown

Perfect for a big event-wedding inspiration, anyone?-a braided crown is an unbelievably romantic updo that is surprisingly easy to style at home if you are great at braiding.

New York City stylist and L'Oréal Professionnel artist Amit Abraham says to start this style by creating a French braid behind one of the ears and work across the top towards the other ear. Remember to always pull from the front of your hair, feeding the front hairline into the back as you braid. If you struggle with your braids, book an appointment at the salon for this beauty! "There's something to be said about going into the salon and getting your hair done," he says. "Not only will it look better, but you'll feel better...pampered even."

Mohawk Braid

Want a look that is both edgy and feminine? This is it! While a Mohawk braid looks excellent on all textures of hair-from wild curls to smooth and straight-you'll want to make sure your locks are sporting major volume before styling. To do this, reach for a thickening primer like L'Oréal Professionnel's Tecni.Art Densite. When you're ready to braid, use a long-tail comb to create two straight parts on either side of where you'd like your braided fauxhawk to be. Then using the section of hair in the center of these parts, create a French braid starting at the hairline and ending at the crown. Secure with an elastic.

Braided Part

When we spotted this look on the runway we were hooked. A braided part is the perfect way to add a little unexpected pop to an otherwise simple style. While you can opt to wear your braided part straight down the center, we're partial to a deep side part-especially as a way to jazz up next (or even third!) day hair. To style, use a long-tail comb to make a side part and then create another part one inch below that one. Secure all your hair that won't be braided into a low ponytail or bun so it can stay out of your way while you're braiding. Next, separate the section into three strands and create a tiny French braid, starting at your forehead and moving back toward your crown where you tie it off with a small clear elastic or pin it in place with one or two small bobby pins.

Braided Bun

Elevate a boring bun into something more sophisticated with a braid. Abraham recommends prepping tresses with a volumizer before quickly blow-drying which will help to give your hair the grip it needs to hold the style. From there, pull all of your hair into a tight ponytail at the top of your head, making sure to smooth out any bumps with a fine-tooth comb. Next, braid the ponytail using your favorite braiding technique-we really love fishtails for this style. Wrap your braid around itself to create the bun and pin it into place.

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