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Color Trend: Sun-Kissed Brown Hair

Get kissed by the sun!

If you only think of blonde when you think sun-kissed hair, think again. Natural-looking highlights look just as beautiful on brunettes. You can very easily lighten your overall look and add movement, dimension to create a truly beachy vibe. Want to rock sun-kissed brown hair? Keep reading.

Kissed By the Sun

Sun-kissed brown hair instantly takes us back to the summers of our youth, when hours spent running around and playing in the hot summer sun took our naturally dark locks up a few levels without a single trip to the salon. We all know that as we get older, we do not have that kind of time to spend in the sun. But, thankfully, a quick visit with your hairdresser can get you that enviable "I spent all summer lounging by the beach" haircolor you're after.

This is the look that top dark-haired supermodels and celebrities love to rock on and off the runway. Natural, sun-kissed brunette locks look as though there are strands of sparkling, honey-toned gold interwoven with the dark base-much like bronde. The result can be achieved by a expert hairdresser creating highlights using the balayage technique.

Get the Look

The reason to trust your sun-kissed brown to a professional? Light highlights on brown hair have a tendency to go brassy and orange-this is because copper is naturally within a brunette strand of hair-and often, with at-home kits you don't have the ability to customize the level of blonde you'll achieve. A hairdresser, on the other hand, will work with you to find the perfect highlight and lowlight colors for your skin tone.

Most often your hairdresser will use a balayage technique to achieve the look of hair that's been lightened by lots of time outdoors. Painting free-hand highlights around the face and then intermittently throughout the hair for a truly natural look.

The upkeep for sun-kissed brown hair is easy. The balayage grows out without any visible lines of demarcation and, with the use of purple-toned shampoos and conditioners, you can keep your sun-kissed strands bright and free from brassiness. Just like after any haircolor service, use shampoos and conditioners that have been formulated for color-treated hair and add moisture back in with weekly deep conditioning masks.

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