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Color Trend: Pastel Hair

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For fun, candy-colored locks.

Lilacs, lavenders, and cotton candy pinks-these Instagram-worthy colors are all the rage with celebrities, models and trendy social media stars. But, just how easy it is to achieve that perfect pastel color? We chatted with hairdresser and L'Oréal Professionnel Artist Jason Backe to learn more about these fun pastel shades.

Get the Look

Pastels with staying power are best left to professional hairdressers. "If you're thinking of trying this at home using a DIY dye, it's going to fade fast," Backe says. "Stylists at L'Oréal Professionnel salons use professional permanent haircolor, which provides more vibrant looks and increased longevity."

The most important reason to leave this color to actual professionals... they know what they are doing with your hair to get the actual color you want. Pastels work best on very light hair, he says, so if you're going to channel these airy, magical haircolors your colorist will need to pre-lighten your hair to the palest blonde. Achieving a super-light base can put stress on your strands when attempted at home, so it's always best to get this process done at the salon. After lightening, Backe says that your colorist will go over your hair with the pastel color you've chosen, resulting in a truer shade.

Stylists Say...

While the look can only be achieved on lighter-colored hair, the color itself looks amazing on nearly everyone. "Pastel looks great on any texture and any skin tone. That's just one reason why the trend is lasting," Backe says. "If you're bold enough to try [pastels], it's going to look very cute and fun."

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