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Color Trend: Copper Shine Lights

Highlights are not just for blondes!

Calling all red heads: This summer give the sunshine a run for its money with Copper Shine Lights. Using balayage techniques, your hairdresser can add serious dimension and gorgeous contrast to your hair-perfect for mimicking the effects of the summer sun, all year long! To learn more, we went straight to the source-the creator of Copper Shine Lights, L'Oréal Professionnel Artist Nancy Braun. Ladies, highlights aren't just for blondes after all.

Get the Look

According to Braun, the concept of Copper Shine Lights is to showcase the vibrancy and richness of an all over red haircolor and to create contrast with balayage highlights. "The balayage is placed strategically throughout the hair based on the haircut to give it a pop and a shiny look," she says. The look adds a brightness and brings out the best characteristics of the copper haircolor by placing the copper side-by-side with golden balayage.

What to Expect

Copper Shine Lights are easy to achieve and can be created during one visit to the salon. "The first part of the process is imparting the red and copper tones, which varies from client to client," Braun says. "We can cover grey or make a natural color warmer with a single process or gloss." Then, the Copper Shine Lights will be placed as if the sun was shining on your hair, creating a spotlight in all the right places. Post appointment it will look like the sun is shining on your copper strands, day and night-rain or shine!

Keeping the Spotlight On

To keep your Copper Shine Lights shining, Braun recommends investing in the right products for your hair. "Use a shampoo for color treated hair. I'm a big fan of the Série Expert Vitamino A·OX Shampoo, it's one of my go-tos for red hair because it helps to support the pigment," she says. "ProFiber is also a great formula for preserving the color."

Expert Tip: While Copper Shine Lights are for redheads, the technique, which is similar to strobing, can be used on blondes and brunettes too. As Braun says, "The beauty of this technique is that it can be applied in so many different ways."

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