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Color Trend: Caramel Balayage

Balayage for brunettes

Balayage is not just for blondes. Rich-toned caramel balayage is becoming a go-to for brunettes to enjoy the popular balayage hair painting technique. This color is perfect for dark haired girls who are looking to lighten things up with a sun-kissed glow. Added benefit? Warm caramel doesn't require as much upkeep as its cooler, ashy counterparts. To learn more about the trend we turned to hairdresser and L'Oréal Professionnel Artist Nancy Braun.

Warm Things Up

Caramel balayage-like other highlights-gives the hair visible contrast and movement, says Braun. And, while this coppery color is ideal for brunettes, blondes and redheads shouldn't shy away-you'll simply have to take a walk on the dark side first and deepen your base color before highlighting.

Caramel Candy

Once the base is in the right place, your hairdresser will go in and highlight with tones that Braun says, "resemble cracked caramel candy-these tones are warm, gold, and not on the cooler side at all." This warmth is what makes caramel highlights so easy to maintain, especially on brunettes who won't have to get their roots touched-up to maintain that dark base.

Quick Color

One of the best parts of caramel is how fast you'll be able to see results. "This color is more of an immediate process," explains Braun. This is because, unlike lighter, ashier shades, you aren't stressing the hair in an attempt to get it to a color that it isn't natural. "With caramel on brunettes, you're staying in the same color family," she says, "this is why you will usually get the results you're after in just one visit to the salon."

Maintain Your Shade

For color that lasts, Braun says you'll want to make sure you're using color-specific shampoos and conditioners every time you wash. "You can even use products meant to cool down blondes-like purple toners-on caramels to keep them from going brassy," she says. Want to give the color even longer legs? Braun recommends a going to the salon for a gloss. Glosses will help the color last for 6-8 weeks.

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