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Color Trend: Buttery Blonde

Go for the glow.

While blondes have been skewing more cool and ashy over the last few seasons-we're looking at you icy blondes-hairdresser and L'Oréal Professionnel Artist Jason Backe says, if you want to stay ahead of the trends, you may want to try a buttery blonde this summer. This rich blonde has warm, golden tones and looks amazing on tanned skin. Your next summer color is just a trip to the salon away.

Stand Apart from the Crowd

"I think right now, with the trend being so strong on the cool side, everything is silver, ash, violet blue-those kinds of tones," Backe says. "If you're willing to do something that's more fashion forward, take a step towards a buttery blonde." As someone who strives to be ahead of the curve, Backe has recently been transitioning his cool blonde clients into this warm, soft, sunny color.

Who Should Try a Buttery Blonde?

While cool, ashy blondes are popular, they don't always suit everyone. "This is something we have to be careful with with any trend," Backe says. "Just because we're on trend, doesn't mean it's right for us." While he says that many ash tones don't have variations, buttery blondes and golden tones do, making them incredibly versatile. "If you tan easily, if you have green or brown eyes, if you have freckles, if you have a light to medium complexion, this is a great option for you," Backe says, warning that if you have a darker complexion or olive skin this tone can create a sallow-looking complexion so you'll want more cool-tones.

How to Stay Buttery, Not Brassy

Backe says that maintenance depends on how far you stray from your natural base color. "If you're dark, you'll need to go back to the salon every three weeks, but if you have light brown to dark blonde hair, it requires less maintenance because there's less red in your hair," he says. "For great blonde maintenance, plan to see your colorist every four weeks. Your colorist can always modify the color based on your lifestyle."

As far as protection goes, treat your haircolor the way you treat your skin, especially in the summer months. He says to look for color protecting products with UV filters and use umbrellas and scarves at the beach.

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