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Color Trend: Black

Sparkling tones spice up black locks.

Who says blondes have all the fun? This season black locks are being spiced up with exciting, sparkling jewel tones. This creates a unique and stunning effect.

Seeing the Light

"The trend among brunettes is still heavily weighted towards balayage and ombre-esque coloring," says Carlo Novoa, Beverly Hills stylist and national artist for L'Oréal Professionnel. "When you have hair that's naturally black, most clients don't really want to take it all the way down to a blonde. So instead, we're seeing deep jewel tones-violets and reds that beautifully come through on dark hair to create a nice rich feel." Highlighting works great in this way (a stylist will first lighten and then add the color overtop).Some clients opt for the dramatic tones to come from underneath without lightening the hair.

Novoa says that those with black hair naturally have the skin palette to complement deep jewel tones like blue-violet and mahogany. But if you're not ready to go bold just yet, there are plenty of other options. "We do surface-painting techniques with some of our lighteners," says Novoa. "And when working with virgin black hair I've used Blond Studio Sunkissed Lightening Oil. It lightens the hair slightly and gently,, breaking up the black and providing an overall softness."

Stylists Say...

The bottom line is black can be just as versatile as any other hair color. "If you're working with a L'Oréal Professionnel hairdresser, your options are wide open," says Novoa. "We have so many options, whether we go in and create a beautiful change in color while adding vibrancy, or go in with lighteners and do some highlighting. The options are endless for anyone with black hair!"

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