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Balayage For Fall: Highlights Aren't Only For Summer

Fall-ayage, anyone?

Think beautiful balayage highlights are just for the summertime? Think again. The balayage technique can add dimension and movement to your hair all year long. To learn more about balayage for every season we turned to expert hairdresser and L'Oréal Professionnel Artist Brooke Evans.

What Is Balayage?

Like all things effortless, trendy, and très chic, balayage comes to us from France. "Balayage is a French method of painting hair," Evans explains. "It is customized for every guest to move and flow within the overall design of the hair." The popular highlighting technique earned high marks from clients and hairdressers alike thanks in part to its gracefully grown out appeal. Not only does it look amazing on all hair lengths, textures, and colors, it also requires much less maintenance than other haircolors since the goal is to have visible, natural root.

Get the Look

While Evans tells us that you can opt for soft and subtle balayage or a bold and dramatic look, this season consider going warmer in tone. "For fall, honey and caramel shades are on trend," she says. For reds she recommends golden, coppery, or strawberry blonde highlights. For brunettes, try caramel and mocha. And for blondes Evans shares that honey and even a subtle soft rose gold are all trending for fall. "Balayage is for everyone! Blondes, brunettes, and redheads can benefit from adding dimension and movement to their hair with this method.

"At this stage, balayage is the number one requested class in the United States," Evans says. But, she explains that while it is a method most hairdressers know of and have seen, it's always great to bring along inspiration photos for your colorist to help her customize your overall look.

A Look That Lasts From Summer to Fall (and Back Again!)

"Balayage is here to stay," she says. "It's a custom service that is ideal year-round. As in all seasons, it's always fun to change it up and balayage is an easy way to add dimension and pop to your look"

To keep your balayage brilliant, be sure you're treating your hair to the proper TLC. "As with all haircolor care, using professional products at home, getting regular treatments, and pre-booking your appointments with your colorist are how you will maintain this beautiful custom service," Evans says. "Depending on your desired end result, you can get your color service done every 6-10 weeks.

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