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6 Hottest Haircolor Trends for 2017

Out with the old and in with these hues!

This year, rock a shade that stands out in the crowd. Kiss the haircolors that reigned supreme in 2016 goodbye and embrace what's hot in 2017. To discover the hottest haircolor trends for 2017 we tapped expert hairdresser and L'Oréal Professionnel Artist Jo Blackwell. Which hues are sitting pretty at the top of the what's hot list? Keep reading to find out!

Just Peachy

One of the biggest haircolor trends to come out of 2016 was rose gold. And, while this dusty mauve will continue to sit at the cool kids table it better make some room for its 2017 update: peach. "This spring we're going to see the rose gold transition into a peachy iridescent apricot," Blackwell says. "While rose gold features both warm and cool tones at the same time, peaches and apricots are more of a see-through gold copper." Like any warm-toned color, peach is going to look best on those with warm-tones present in their skin-alternatively, cool-toned colors look best on those with cool undertones. Not sure if that's you? Warm skin tones tend to have greenish veins and look best with gold jewelry. Still unsure? No worries! Your hairdresser can help you determine your skin tone and can customize the right haircolor trend for you to try!

Translucent Finishes

Unless you swore off of social media last year, chances are you saw some bright, bold, in-your-face shades as you scrolled through your feed. Bright cotton candy pinks, galaxy hair, and even pastels were super-hot through 2016. This year Blackwell says we'll see less of these vibrant shades and more translucent shades. While many of these shades-from the peaches and apricots to some of the other dusty colors that are bound to make waves this year-are best achieved on a double-process blonde, you don't have to have light-colored locks to achieve that see-through appeal. A great way to get a translucent finish when you have darker hair? Book a gloss treatment. Glosses are demi-permanent haircolors that sit on top of the strand and fade away over time instead of growing out and showing obvious roots. If you are after more of that fairytale-like translucent look that can only be achieved on a blonde, make sure you ask your hairdresser about Smart Bond-a bond-building treatment that helps to preserve the integrity of your hair while you lighten.

Creamy Highlights

If the winter weather has got you down, this is the haircolor trend that is bound to have you dreaming of warm nights spent seaside. "We're going to start to see highlights with more of a dreamsicle-swirl effect," Blackwell says, calling this look orange and creamy at the same time. Blending last year's copper shine lights with this year's translucent, subtle finishes, this highlight trend is bound to be hot for blondes and redheads alike!

Soft Color

Over the last few seasons, ombré and sombré were among the most-requested haircolors, but this year, Blackwell says we're going to see a step away from these lived-in looks. "In 2017 we're going to see softer-looking color, less lived-in but still not super meticulous," she explains. Think of this as a much subtler take on the ombré trend, still using balayage or foils to create beautiful highlights, but the result will be much less about the sun-kissed look and much more about adding soft movement and dimension to the hair.

French Browns

It's official, 2017 will be the year of the brunette. "French Browns are going to be huge this year," Blackwell says. The French brown color palette is all about using multiple tones of color within the brown shade to create a beautiful soft, satiny finish that looks born-this-way-but-better. L'Oréal Professionnel's new Brunette Bar can help you decide which look is right for you. Your hairdresser will work with you to determine if Brunette Babylights, Tricolore Chic, or a French Polish will be your 2017 statement.

Warmer Tones

While cool, ashy tones may have reigned supreme last year, this year expect things to warm up! We've been doing a lot of double-process blondes in a grey tone, but we're going to warm up these colors for the spring, not cool them down any more," she shares. This year warm up to buttery blondes that are light and soft and super ethereal. Not a blonde but still want to warm up your haircolor? Brunettes and redheads alike can easily add warm golden tones to their locks to add that richness and depth that warm tones are known for. Talk to your hairdresser to come up with the perfect warm tone for you!

Not sure how to cut your hair to complement these new colors? Blackwell says that 2017 is gong to be the year of extremes, either mermaid-like lengths or short, perfect pixies! The choice is yours!

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