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5 Bad Hair Habits to Ditch...Stat

Major hair don'ts!

No matter how much TLC you give your hair, sometimes certain habits you have may actually be counteracting all that love. Do your locks a favor and check out our list of the five hair sins you need to stop!

Brushing Wet Hair

Did you know that your hair is most vulnerable to breakage and split ends when it's wet? It's true. Wet hair is fragile hair and needs to be treated as such. Before getting in the shower use a wide-tooth comb to gently detangle your hair-starting from the bottom and slowly working your way to the crown. Try to avoid brushing through your hair with your fingers while washing as this can cause tangles to break off. After getting out of the shower, gently blot excess water from your hair-never rub!-and use a special wet hair brush to detangle. To help prevent further tangling, use a dime-size amount of hair oil to help protect your strands.

Sleeping with Your Hair Down

Just as wet hair is prone to breakage, so is hair when you're tossing and turning in your sleep. When hair is worn down, it can tangle, knot, or even snag on the fabric of your pillow. Put your hair into a loose protective style before going to sleep-ponytails with 90s-era scrunchies are great.

Going to Bed with Wet Hair

Combine number one and number two and you have a real recipe for disaster-read: knots and breakage. Sleeping on a cotton pillowcase when your hair is still down and wet-and in its most fragile state-is a no go. If there's no time to quickly dry your hair, wait until it's damp and style it into a braid or a bun. Not only will you better protect your hair, you'll wake up with gorgeous waves in the morning. If you're really concerned, consider purchasing a silk pillowcase as they aren't as abrasive on your locks.

Over-Styling Hair in Ponytails and Buns

Sure a high, tight ponytail looks amazing, but when worn too often these tight styles can cause breakage and even hair loss. Definitely keep top knots, braids, and ponytails in your style rotation, but remember to take breaks in between, wearing your hair down or in a looser style at least a few times a week.

Washing Your Hair Too Often

While shampooing is a key aspect of a haircare routine-clean hair is healthy hair after all-sometimes there is such a thing as too clean. If you wash your hair every single day you can cause one of two things to happen: your hair will either become incredibly dry and brittle or, on the flip-side, incredibly greasy and slick. Over-washing can cause the sebaceous glands on your scalp to try to overcompensate for what they view as dehydration. This in turn causes an excess of oil to be produced, only leading you to think you need to wash your hair more often to combat it. Try to limit your shampoos to two times a week and use a cleansing conditioner in between to help restore hydration.

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