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4 Reasons to Keep a Travel-Size Hairspray in Your Purse

It comes in handy in more ways than one!

Any hair lover can attest that when a sudden bad hair day strikes-whether it's excess frizz or dull and flat strands-having the right tools in tow can make all the difference. Aside from bobby pins and clear elastics, make sure your purse is stocked with a travel-size hairspray. It may seem like an unnecessary item to carry in tow, but trust us-it's worth it! Whether you're taming flyaways in the backseat or adding volume to your flat strands in between meetings, hairspray can come in handy in more ways than one. Ahead, we share four reasons why you should never leave home without popping a travel-friendly hairspray in your purse first.


Reason #1: Tame flyaways on-the-go

Picture this: You're on your way to work-or shuffling between meetings-and suddenly the moisture in the air starts wreaking havoc on your hair, leaving them looking frizzy and unruly. Don't panic! Hairspray to the rescue. A quick spritz of your pocket-sized hairspray can help tame rebellious flyaways in no time flat. Spray the product on your fingertips and lightly swipe through unruly strands. Style emergency, solved.


Reason #2: Refresh your style throughout the day

Let's face it: We've all been faced with busy mornings at one point or another. If you don't have the time to style your hair to perfection before darting out the door, don't fret. Once your schedule eases up, head to the bathroom andcreate your favorite style-think: a high ponytail or a messy top knot-and secure it in place with a few spritzes of the hairspray stored in your purse. If your style is already created, simply add some hairspray throughout the day to refresh the look.


Reason #3: Give your hair a quick boost of volume

Are your strands falling flat by midday? Pump up the volume anywhere and everywhere with hairspray. For an instant lift, start by flipping your hair forward over your face. Spritz the underside with hairspray and begin scrunching your hair with your hands. Flip back up and voilà – bouncy, voluminous hair once again. Easy, peasy.


Reason #4: Transform your style from day to night

You can't always predict where the day (or night) will take you. To help save time and energy, make sure you're prepared for whatever is thrown your way. Last-minute dinner plans? No problem. Happy hour with coworkers? Count yourself in. With hairspray in your purse, you can whip up a chic hairstyle-catered to the specific occasion, of course-from a sophisticated ballerina bun to a tousled braid or a sleek ponytail with ease.


Convinced yet? Good, that's what we thought.

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