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3 Hairstyles to Wear Under A Beanie

Say goodbye to hat hair!

As the chill makes a more permanent appearance in the air this season, most of us are reaching for our cold weather gear. At the top of that list? Hats and beanies. While there are many tricks to help you avoid hat hair and statically-charged strands once you remove your beanie, how can you look stylish while sporting one? Thankfully, you're in luck! The three looks we share below are perfect for wearing under your beanie during the colder months.

A Deep Side Part

When you part your hair deep to one side while wearing a beanie, it helps to give the illusion of faux bangs and fuller hair. It looks great with all lengths of hair-from pixie cuts to flowing long locks. While you can opt to wear your deep side part with waves or curls, we love this look when it's sleek and straight. To give your hair lots of shine and to help avoid static and frizz, add shine serum or a dime-size amount of hair oil through dry hair.

Wavy Hair

If you frequently experience a crease in your hair after removing your beanie you can opt to get a larger one that's not as tight, or you can create some intentionally-placed waves through your locks. Try parting your hair down the middle-for a laid back boho-chic vibe-and then starting from the bottom, wrap 1-inch sections around a curling wand or the barrel of a curling iron. Alternate between wrapping sections away from and then toward your face, this helps to create dimension and if you do get a crease it will be better camouflaged. After your hair is completely curled and cooled, brush through with your fingers to separate and spray with a light-hold hairspray.


The colder seasons are notorious for blustering winds that can cause hair to tangle in a matter of minutes. By braiding your hair under a beanie you can protect it from becoming a tangled mess in the wind. The biggest bonus about braids? The waves and texture they leave behind when you take them out. Before braiding distribute a little balm through your mid-lengths and ends-like Nutrifier DD Balm-which will help to keep your locks smooth and frizz-free.

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