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Why You Should Wear a Middle Part

Get centered.

Feel like your style has hit a snooze button? Consider switching up your part. Parting your hair down the middle-a look that was popular in the 1970s and 1990s-is a quick way to refresh your look while you wait for your next appointment at the salon.

Personalize Your Part

A lot of people shy away from a centered part because they feel like it doesn't complement their face shape. However, if you first part your hair directly down the middle and don't love it, move it just slightly off center to soften things up.

Choose Your Look

Middle parts look equally amazing when hair is smooth and straight and when it's voluminous and full of texture-it's all about the vibe you're going for with your final look.

Feel like channeling your inner 70s bohemian? Create a romantic style by parting your hair down the center and then, create big, bouncy waves that flow away from the face. Use a 1-inch curling wand and wrap your hair in 1-inch sections, away from your face, around the barrel. Once cool, use your fingers to pull apart the curls to give them a very beachy, boho feel. Spray with a light-hold hair spray to lock in your look.

Want to bring back the 90s? Opt for a smooth and sleek stick-straight style. Smooth a small amount of hair oil though freshly shampooed hair-this will help tame flyaways and frizz, not to mention add a ton of shine. Blow dry your hair straight and use a straightening iron on any unruly areas.

Remember, when it comes to parting your hair, have fun and experiment! There are no rules! You can use a comb to create a precise part or just free-hand it for a laidback look.

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