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Why You Should Try a Color Melt for Summer

For a natural-looking, low maintenance color.

Natural-looking haircolor is perfect for the summer months. It requires very low maintenance and adds subtle dimension and movement to your overall style. One of the best ways to get a lived-in look is with a color melt. This technique works on every single haircolor, hair type, and looks amazing on everyone. Interested in learning more? We chatted with hairdresser and L'Oréal Professionnel Artist Theresa Adams to get the dish.

What Is a Color Melt?

"A color melt is a dimensional look that has a lived-in feel with brightness around the face and absolutely no hard lines of demarcation," Adams explains. "The color literally melts in gradation from dark to light." If you've never highlighted your hair before it's a great first step. "You can introduce yourself to color or try something different," she says. "It's easy and chic."

Customized Color

One reason this look is so popular is its versatility. "It can work on any haircolor," she says. Whether you're warm, cool, caramel, or copper, a color melt is a great way to add personalized dimension to your haircolor. "If your skin tone is warm, look for warmer colors. If you are fair with pink undertones, your tones should have more coolness. But always remember, the cooler you go, it won't feel as bright. So, if brightness if your goal, warm it up!"

Maintaining Your Melt

The biggest bonus of this highlighting technique-which is most often achieved with hand-painted balayage-is its low maintenance upkeep. Adams says you can go as long as 10 to 12 weeks between visits to freshen up the look, add brightness to the highlights, or deepen the base color if needed. Depending on how often you go you can have as much pop or as much of a natural feel as you want.

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