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Why Every Blonde Needs a Purple Shampoo

Cool down.

The summer may be heating up, but the trend with blonde is still to keep things cool-cool-toned, that is. Ash, ice, and steel blondes are having a moment and one of the easiest ways to keep these sought after frozen tones from melting in the summer heat is by using a purple shampoo or conditioner. If you aren't already using this must-have in your weekly haircare routine, keep reading for the reasons why you need to!

One of the most common concerns for blondes is seeing her haircolor go brassy. While warmth when you're a golden, buttery blonde is welcome, when you spend the time-and money-to get a cool-toned ash blonde, the yellow tones that can pop up are anything but. Purple toning shampoos and conditioners work to counteract these yellow tones that occur when blonde hair starts to oxidize and go brassy. For a quick visual, remember those old school color wheel from grammar school art class? Since yellow and purple are on opposite ends, they neutralize one another. Plus, not only do these toning products keep your ash blondes ice cold, they also brighten your blonde!

Before you start using a toner each night, know that many of these products can be drying to hair so they should be used sparingly. Limit use to once a week-or even once every other week-and follow up with a hydrating hair mask to put moisture back into your strands!

One great-and non-drying-option is Vitamino Color A-OX Color Corrector Blondes Cream, which can replace your conditioner once a week. The 10-minute treatment is formulated with keravis and xylose-for color protection-an exclusive anti-fade complex, and fennel seed extract-to protect hair from breakage, add shine, and detangle. After use your hair is left smooth and soft and your blonde is utterly cool!

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