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What You Should Consider Before Getting a Bob Haircut

A pro sheds some light!

When warmer weather hits, you may feel the urge to chop off your long locks in favor of a dramatically shorter cut. But this decision is typically not one that's made overnight. After all, it likely took quite some time for your hair to achieve its long length. Allowing your stylist to take a pair of scissors to your painstakingly-grown locks isn't a decision that should be made in haste. But if you are thinking of going shorter-to a bob cut, for instance-there are some things you should consider. To shed some light, we tapped expert stylist, and L'Oreal Professional Artist Tab Salsman to share everything there is to consider before taking the plunge.


Test-Drive the Look


A bob cut is perennially chic, which is why it's a beloved short hairstyle among celebrities and tastemakers alike. "A wonderfully universal element of the bob is that depending on the length and styling, it fits practically every face shape," Salsman says. "This factor helps draw most women into taking the leap into this iconic look."


Before doing so, Salsman recommends chatting with your hairdresser about your wants and needs, especially if you're new to short hair. "If they've never had short hair, I always recommend taking the time to wear a bob cut wig to test-drive the look with little commitment," Salsman says. That way, if you decide you don't like the style after a few days, it's not too late to change your mind.




Another element to consider is the amount of effort it will require to keep your bob looking fresh. Depending on your hair type and texture, a bob hairstyle may require more maintenance and commitment to keep it looking presentable. If you're someone who relied on tying your long hair back into a messy topknot or ponytail to get out the door on time, a bob cut may not be right for you. "Some cuts require more maintenance than others," Salsman says. "We as the professionals can carefully explain the pros and cons of all haircuts and styles, as well as the realities and expectations so there's less confusion." To that end, before taking the plunge, ask your hairdresser for tips on how to style your new bob. He or she could also recommend products and tools that could help cut down the time you spend styling your bob to perfection.


As for the upkeep, that can depend on the way your bob is cut. "The more laser cut and precise a bob is cut, the more a client will be in the salon to keep it looking fresh and super dialed in," Salsman says. "Think about once every four to six weeks." If your bob is more loose, the softer shape will allow for more longevity, about eight to 10 weeks on average.


No matter what you decide, know that this decision is not permanent! No style is meant to last forever and your hair will eventually grow back, so don't be afraid to experiment and take risks. Open communication with your hairdresser can help ensure the result you want without needless anxiety and stress!

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