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Wavy Lob with Side-Swept Bangs: A Cute, Carefree Cut

A trendy, mid-length style.

A long, wavy lob with side-swept bangs is a great style for the trendy gal who can't commit to-or perhaps isn't comfortable with-the shorter-length bob.

Get the Look

Mid-length cuts afford the best of both worlds, offering both a definitive "look" plus the freedom to wear your hair up or down. Plus, the shoulder-skimming cut exudes an effortless cool, while side-swept bangs add the perfect amount of polish.

A long bob (or "lob") looks good on virtually anyone, says NYC stylist and L'Oreal Pro Ambassador Pepper Pastor-plus it's one of the rare styles that women with fine to medium hair can make wavy with minimal styling product. Side-swept bangs emphasize the cheek bones, adding a sophisticated elegance to an otherwise youthful length.

Shake it Up

There's more than one way to recreate this untamed, tousled effect. The most direct route is to use a wide curling iron, being careful not to wrap strands too tight. (If your hair is naturally wavy you may only need the iron in spots that have fallen flat.) Use your fingers and a texturizing spray to shake out the kinks, smooth bangs over to one side, and add a quick spritz of flexible-hold hairspray.

For a more polished evening look, start with a clean blowout, adding a bit of finishing cream overtop to smooth flyaways. Create loose waves with your curling iron, leaving the ends undone so they're straight at the bottom. (If you've got a natural wave you might need a flat iron to achieve stick-straight ends.) Finish with hairspray and a bit of shine mist.

Pro Tip

Side-swept bangs work best feathered and a little long. Most stylists offer free bang trims and recommend dropping in every two to three weeks.

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