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The Ultimate Shade Upgrade for Winter

Take your haircolor to a whole new level!

While many of us use the changing seasons as a way to embrace change in our beauty routine-by cutting our hair or trying out a brand new color-others are loyal to their tried and true signature look. But just because you believe you've found what works for you doesn't mean there's no room to make things even better! This winter, consider upgrading and refreshing your current look by booking a gloss service at your local L'Oréal Professionnel salon. We're sharing the reasons glosses are the ultimate shade upgrade below.


Hair looking a little dull and lackluster? A gloss service instantly adds mega-watt shine to your strands that can last up to six shampoos. If you are not looking to change your haircolor, you can always ask for a beautiful clear gloss service that will just add some beautiful shine to your current look. Remember to use haircare products that have been formulated for color-treated hair in order to keep your locks well-conditioned and vibrant overtime.

A New Hue

Want to try something a little different without venturing too far from your go-to shade or committing to a haircolor for the long haul? Glosses are demi-permanent, so instead of penetrating the strand like permanent haircolor does demi-permanent glosses sit on top of the hair strand giving it a shiny wash of tone. Unlike permanent haircolor, a gloss will gradually fade away overtime so you don't have to worry about visible roots or touch-ups.


Love your color but want to add a little "va-va-va-voom!?"A gloss in the same color of your current base can create a whole new level of vibrancy. After glossing be sure to reach for a weekly hair mask to keep your color bright.


One of the best benefits of a gloss is its ability to quickly add or refresh tone to your current haircolor. If your gorgeous blonde balayage highlights are going a little brassy since your last salon appointment, consider getting a gloss to cool things down!

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