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The Ultimate Morning Hair Care Routine

How to care for your hair every morning!

When it comes to morning beauty routines most of us think of our skin care regimens and our favorite makeup products. But, to look our best, it's key that we don't skip a proper morning hair care routine too! No matter what your hair type or style, we're sharing the ultimate morning hair care routine below!

1. Brush it Out

After tossing and turning all night, your locks are likely in need of a good brushing to remove any knots and tangles. In the morning, reach for a brush that's been created for detangling your hair and start at the ends and gently work your way up. This process helps to ensure you don't tug on any tangles which can cause breakage and split ends. If you find that you are frequently getting tangles, consider sleeping with your hair in a protective style like a loose braid.

2. Keep it Grease-Free

When you do start your morning skin care routin e, take care not to get those moisturizers and serums in your roots. To avoid greasing up your hairline, (and subsequently weighing down your strands) tie your hair back into a loose bun and wear a soft fabric headband. Also be sure to wash your hands before moving on to styling.

3. Assess Your Tresses

Take a look at your hair and determine whether or not you'll need to give it a wash this morning or if you can get away with a little dry shampoo or a great next-day style. It's best not to wash and style your hair each and every day in order to keep it looking healthy. Plus, there are so many great next-day looks to try out that can help to give your hair the break it needs between styling.

4. Style

If it is a shampoo day, be sure to reach for products that have been formulated for your hair type in order to get the best-looking results. After rinsing, pat-never rub-your hair dry and move on to styling.

• If you are going with a next-day look, try out one of these great next-day hairstyles.

• For girls who like the wash and wear look, we have great tips for air-drying your hair here.

• And finally for those blowout addicts, get a step-by-step on how to blow-dry your hair like a pro hairdresser here!

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