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The Ultimate Effortless Haircolor

Très chic!

There are few things in the beauty world as enviable as the effortlessness of a French girl. Known for their fashion-forward brunette locks that always look perfectly undone, French girls have a certain je ne sais quoi women all around the world try to replicate. There is no better time than this fall to try out French girl hair. "Heading into the chillier months many women opt for a deeper, or darker haircolor shade," says hairdresser and L'Oréal Professionnel Artist Jennifer Luszczak. This fall, trade your golden summer highlights for a rich, luscious, French girl-inspired brunette shade.

Brown hair is one of the most versatile shades there is because of its many the different kinds of tones it can take on. "This allows it to be worn by many different skin tones. [Plus, brunette shades] are effortlessly chic and beautiful, like that sought-after French girl look." You can work with your hairdresser to find the exact tone and shade of brown hair that will best suit you-from subtle, barely there brunette that layers brown on top of brown using a contouring technique that requires little upkeep to a luscious, deep, dark brown that will make all of your other features pop. If you're looking for a richer shade to warm up your fall and winter, this is it!

Add on a glossing service to your haircolor appointment to truly add richness and shine to your new color. "For anyone looking to simply enhance their natural color, a glaze will be the perfect way to maintain their look after the initial service to keep their brown rich and shiny," she says. Glosses provide mega-watt shine and a visible wash of color that gradually fades away instead of growing out and showing a line of demarcation in the hair. Glossing is truly an effortless way to color.

Editor's Note: As always, when you color your hair, reach for hydrating haircare products that have been formulated for chemically processed locks. This is the best way to keep your new color rich and long-lasting and your hair soft and shiny.

To Style Your Hair Like A French Girl

Even intentionally disheveled hair requires a little work. Have your hairdresser cut long curtain bangs and a few long layers throughout your hair, this will give it movement and dimension-after all, you don't want your effortlessly brown hair to fall flat. After blowing dry, spray a texturizing spray through your hair. Create a zig-zag part through the back and separate your hair into two sections on either side of your head. Braid each section into a French braid and pull out each loop slightly so the pleats aren't too tight. Use a flat iron and softly clamp down on the braids from top to bottom. Once your hair feels cool to the touch, release the braids and shake out your effortless French girl waves.

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