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The Ultimate Cold Weather Hair Care Guide

How to care for your hair when it's cold out.

Spring may be right around the corner, but winter's chilly temps are showing no sign of letting up quite yet. Whether you're still dealing with frigid temps at home or you're planning a last minute ski weekend, taking care of your hair when it's cold outside is key if you want it to look its best come spring. To help you get started, we're sharing the ultimate cold weather hair care guide below!

Cleanse and Condition

During the winter months the humidity takes a nosedive which can cause the moisture levels in our hair to do the same. Since healthy-looking hair is hydrated hair you'll want to start your cold weather hair care routine in the shower with hydrating shampoo and conditioners. Always condition your hair after shampooing to restore and replenish moisture-this step is a non-negotiable...all year round!

Don't Over-Do It

When it comes to shampooing, you'll want to be sure you aren't over-washing your hair. Since the weather outside-and indoors thanks to artificial heating-lacks moisture, over-washing your hair can further strip the necessary oils from your hair and cause it to become dry, dull-looking and brittle. Instead of shampooing every day, try to stretch the time between washes. Reach for a dry shampoo to quickly refresh your locks on those in-between days.


If you don't already, now is the time to pencil in a weekly hair mask into your routine. These deep conditioning formulas offer even more moisture than your traditional, rinse-out conditioners and can help to keep your hair looking its best when the weather is at its worst. No time? Try using an overnight mask that gets to work while you catch up on your beauty sleep .

Lay Off the Heat

The weather isn't the only thing that can dry out your strands. Your hair care habits can play a part as well. Heat-whether it's coming from a blow-dryer or the showerhead-is incredibly drying for hair so it must be kept to a minimum. Wash your hair with lukewarm water and give it a cold rinse-if you can handle it!-to help seal the cuticle and give you added shine. Also try to keep your use of hot tools to a minimum, reaching for the flat irons and curling wands for special occasions instead of every day. When you blow-dry your hair, use the lowest heat setting and always use a heat protectant prior to styling.


Did you know that those blustering winds can end up causing tangles in your hair? Tangles almost always lead to split ends and breakage so it's imperative you take steps to stop them before they start. Anytime you go outside, wear a hat to protect your hair from the environment. Need tips to keep your hair from getting hat head? We share a few tricks here!

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