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The Right Way to Use Dry Shampoo, An Expert Explains

Are you doing it wrong?

If your hair is 95 percent dry shampoo by the time Friday rolls're doing it wrong. Dry shampoo is a dream come true for most of us ladies, especially in the hot and sweaty summer season, but, if you over-use it, you run the risk of doing more harm than good! To find out the right way to use dry shampoo we turned to an expert, stylist and L'Oréal Professionnel Ambassador Eric Gomez.

First things first, how do you actually use dry shampoo the right way? Hint: Spraying on and brushing it through is where things can go south. To use properly, Gomez says to lift up your roots, spray the product, and then give your hair a quick blast with the blow dyer, this will help to remove any of that white residue that may linger. Whatever you do, don't brush the product through your hair. Gomez tells us that by doing this, you simply redistribute your hair's natural oils-the same ones you're trying to conceal-and in turn, cause your hair to fall flat.

Word of warning. If you're using dry shampoo more than a couple times a week, you're overdoing it. Gomez says to limit your use of dry shampoo to two days, tops. Fact of the matter is; dry shampoo is not a substitute for an actual scrub down. By layering the product on each morning-when you should be washing your hair-the dry shampoo can mix with the oils and dead skin cells on your scalp and clog your follicles-the same way the pores on your face can become clogged if you fail to remove your makeup each night. The consequence? You may end up shedding a few more strands than you're comfortable with. If you use dry shampoo regularly, be sure to pencil in a clarifying shampoo or a gentle scalp exfoliating scrub once every two weeks, to create a clean environment.

Expert Dry Shampoo Tip: Gomez says, if you want to give your hair that next day feel, be proactive and use a little dry shampoo on a clean, fresh blowout-it can help prolong that pretty! Work out? "Use the dry shampoo before the gym to act as a buffer to the oils and sweat."

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