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The Long Bob: A Versatile Classic Cut

A style that suits everyone.

Worn straight, in beachy waves, or in glamorous curls, the lob looks great on any face shape and in all color variations.

The Bob Balancing Act

A favorite hairstyle of celebrities, that has only recently stepped into the limelight, the long bob-or lob-is both très chic and easy to style. A true bob forgoes layers in favor of strong, sharp lines. However, a longer bob can look boring if it's too blunt, so professionals will often add subtle, stacked layers at the back for dimension. Our experts say razors are great for creating this effect, so speak with your own stylist about using this technique to make your long bob sensational.

Get the Look

Fortunately, because of this cut's natural look and flexible length, it doesn't take much upkeep. Your hairstylist will add the appropriate amount of layering based on your hair's thickness, texture, and your face shape-and then let you know how often to return for a trim. After that, it's easily styled at home with a blow dryer and a bit of volumizer or texture spray.

Pro Tip

This look can easily be taken from day to night with a quick styling change. For even more polish that's just a bit edgy, put a bend midway through your locks with a barrel iron. This will frame the face, says L'Oréal Professionnel celebrity stylist Jennifer MacDougall. Grab large sections and wrap them around the iron (only once) away from the face without curling the ends. "Just hit the mid-length so it takes a turn away from the face at that point," says MacDougall. A touch of finishing spray will hold it all in place.

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