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The High Bun: Modern Whimsy with a Mission

A high bun creates polish in a pinch.

Top knots have become a mainstay in today's fast-paced fashion industry. A quick fix for next-day hair, a high bun creates polish in a pinch.

Perfect Pairing

"The best way to pair this look is with a beautiful outfit or great makeup," says NYC-based stylist and L'Oréal Pro Ambassador Pepper Pastor. "Anyone can wear a high bun when running around to do errands," she says-but the look really shines when its simplicity is matched with elegant accessories or a bold red lip.

Places, Please

Pastor says that positioning the high bun in a place that suits your face shape is of utmost importance: "I think most people do this naturally by choosing the spot on top of their head that they feel most comfortable with." The goal here is to find a spot near the top of your head that feels both comfortable and secure, and looks symmetrical.

Pro Tip

To create a sophisticated looking chignon, coat your strands with a texturizing spray and massage from tips to root with your fingers. A ponytail wrapped around itself, either tightly or loosely, is perfect for any occasion and suits all face shapes. If your hair is shorter or you want an oversized bun, create the illusion like this: "Rather than wrapping a ponytail around itself, when you initially put your elastic in to create the ponytail, don't pull your hair ends thru the elastic; instead create a loop. Turn the loop, and shape it [like a fan] into a bun, then pin it. That's how you get the really big top knot without a ton of hair," says Pastor.

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