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The Half Bun on Long Hair: Hippie Chic Meets Uptown Girl

A style for the young and young at heart.

Hairstylists and runway professionals say that the half bun on long locks is a fun, sophisticated style for both the young and the young at heart.

Get Prepping

"It can work for anybody with a long bob or longer hair," says New York City stylist and L'Oréal Professionnel artist Amit Abraham. The good news is the style can work on any age or face shape: "You'd be surprised how many people can pull it off," he says.

"With this look it's all in the prep," says Abraham. His advice is to use a heat-protective straightening product before blow drying and flat ironing to get hair as sleek and smooth as possible. With a metal-tail comb, grab a section that runs from the arches of your eyebrows to the top of your head and pull it back into a ponytail, smoothing out any bumps along the way with the comb. Once you've made your ponytail, evenly distribute a strong-hold hairspray at the roots of this section to help hair lay flat and to tame any flyaways. Then create the bun by wrapping the ponytail around itself, secure with bobby pins, and finish the look with your hairspray.

Want a less structured style? Don't bother smoothing out the bumps when you pull back your half ponytail. Instead, gently pull pieces up-without pulling them out––and do the same after securing the bun. Create a similarly care-free look by adding soft waves or dents throughout the rest of your hair by bending smaller and larger pieces around a curling iron or wand. Add a bit of sea salt spray and scrunch to finish.

Pro Tip

For extra shine on the ends, Abraham recommends using a tiny bit of styling wax on the bottom two-inches or so. And most importantly, he says, "Have fun with it!"

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