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The Hair Tools & Products You Need According To Your Hair Type

Expert advice!

If you're looking to upgrade your hairstyling arsenal, you've come to the right place. We chatted with hairdresser and L'Oréal Professionnel Ambassador Amit Abraham to discover the exact hair tools and products you need according to your hair type!

Hair Tools 101

First things first, the tools and products you use will always directly affect the end result you're after. "When it comes to the manipulation of texture and shape you need both a starting point and an end point," Abraham advises. With that in mind...keep reading.

Wavy and Curly Hair

The Tools You Need To Embrace Your Curls

"The tools necessary for curly-haired women to enhance their natural curl would be a blow-dryer and either a diffuser or a sock," Abraham says. Yes, ladies, you read that right...a sock. Essentially, if you aren't going to air dry your curls you'll want to make sure that your blow-dryer is equally distributing air throughout your strands and not focusing on one spot-as you would during a blowout. A sock can have a similar effect to a diffuser when used on a blow-dryer on its lowest setting. Our advice? Go for the diffuser.

Expert Tip: "A good rule of thumb to remember [when enhancing natural curls] is after the application of product and the setting of the curl, once hot air is applied don't comb, brush, or run your fingers through the hair," he warns. This will disrupt the curl pattern and/or separate the curls from one another. For a smoother, more polished-looking curl, consider investing in different-sized curling wands. "They can be used randomly to enhance curls and to keep the look more natural," he says.

The Tools You Need to Get Straight Hair

If you want to straighten your naturally curly or wavy hair, Abraham says that the first step is to grab a blow-dryer and a round or paddle brush after distributing a heat protectant through your strands. "This is a must!" he says. After your hair is dry, use a flat iron to get your hair to be smooth and silky straight.

The Tools You Need For Polished Waves

"On damp hair apply L'Oréal Professionnel Tecni.Art Densite as a primer and a mousse for volume," Abraham says. "Blow dry hair straight using sections the size of your round brush. Section hair off with clips and continue until all of your hair is dry." Next you'll want a curling wand-the smaller the wand, the tighter the wave. "In a bricklayer fashion, starting from the front, twist wrap one-inch sections of hair and spray with Tecni.Art Infinium 3. Then wrap the section around a curling wand and pin-clip the section up until it cools. Continue until the whole head is wrapped, pinned, and cooled. Proceed to remove clips and once hair is all down take a mixed-bristle paddle brush-with a little Infinium hairspray sprayed directly on the brush for control and a bit of shine-and brush through the waves," he explains. "For a more modern finish use Tecni.Art Shower Shine and a wide-tooth comb to create a bit more separation in the hair."

Straight Hair

The Tools You Need To Enhance Your Straight Hair

First, start with a heat protectant and blow dry your hair in sections with either a round brush (for volume) or a paddle brush (for a sleek look). Once dry, Abraham suggests using a flat iron to polish the look and a little Tecni.Art Lumi Controle to tame flyaways.

The Tools You Need To Get Curls

"To create curls on straight hair first apply Tecni.Art Densite as a primer followed by Tecni.Art Volume Envy Extra and blow-dry straight," Abraham says. "This will ensure that the hair is dry and create memory for the hair as well as a structure for the hair to follow once the iron is used. Once hair is dry take horizontal sections splitting into vertical partings and wrap the hair around a curling iron starting at the base and all the way to the ends." He suggests clipping the curls up until they cool for a longer-lasting style.

The Tools Your Need For Beach Waves

"Blow dry hair with a prep product like Tecni.Art Liss and Pump Up," Abraham suggests. "Then, take diagonal sections starting in the back and spray them with Tecni.Art Infinium 4. Twist the sections and wrap each around a curling iron or wand." If you use a curling iron, don't use the clip, just allow the curl to fall naturally. "Finish with a bit of Tecni.Art Architexture and Tecni.Art Next Day Hair."

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