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The Curly Bob: For a Bob with Bounce

The curly bob gets a modern makeover.

The curly bob is back in the limelight and this time with a soft, modern makeover.

Get the Look

This hairstyle has multi-season appeal, looking great both freshly cut and as it grows out into a shoulder-skimming style. If your hair is already naturally curly, our stylists say it's the perfect 'do to help you wean off the harsh heat of styling tools.

Your stylist will help define your curls with intentionally placed, artful layers that can be further accentuated with a touch of mousse or styling gel. But, be forewarned, don't overdo it with product: "You always want it to have a little flow and bounce," New York City Stylist and L'Oréal Professionnel Artist Amit Abraham says. Otherwise, a curly bob gets too stiff, causing the style look less luxe and more lampshade.

Abraham says this style is the queen of wash-and-go cuts for curly hair types. When styling at home, use a shampoo tailored to your hair's needs and you won't need to do much to get your bob looking red-carpet ready. "If you're going to wear this curly bob with fine-textured hair, you want to boost the curl a little," Abraham says. He recommends an extra-volumizing mousse which should be used while hair is wet and combed into place with fingers. Then, shake out your strands and let your hair dry. If your hair is thicker, use a bit of styling gelee the same way. Finish with some texturizer to keep it looking dry "and not so 1986," he says.

Stylists Say...

Put down the hairspray. "Don't ever hairspray a curly bob," Abraham warns. "And please don't brush it out or run your fingers through it once it's dry because it will totally lose its movement and look dated."

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