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Styling a Faux Bob: Tricks From the Red Carpet

Fake it 'til you make it.

A short, blunt bob-first made popular in the 1920s-is a classic style that's forever chic, thanks to it's ability to effortlessly highlight a strong jawline and gracefully elongate the neck. Worn straight and sleek, tousled and wavy, with bouncy curls, or with a side of fringe, the bob is a style with staying power. Think you need to chop your locks to test out this timeless hairstyle? Think again. Faux bobs have been all the rage on recent red carpets because the style allows a woman to instantly change up her look, without having to commit to losing her length. All you need is a little bit of patience-and a lot of bobby pins-to style a very convincing temporary faux bob.

Step-by-Step Style

1. Section off a large portion of hair above your ear line-gather everything from about an inch above your ears and clip it up on the top of your head.

2. Using hair spray and a comb or teasing brush, tease the hair that's left down. If your hair is super long, consider curling your length with a small barrel curling iron-essentially shortening its length-before teasing.

3. Once you've got a nice, thick web of tousled hair, separate it in half, making two loose-and-low pigtails. Tie these off with an elastic, but keep them loose.

4. Roll each pigtail up under itself and secure it at the nape of your neck with bobby pins. This will create the foundation of the bob.

5. Next, let the top section out.

6. Smooth it around your face and over the pinned-up pigtails with a comb to cover the tangled web underneath. Pin the ends securely at the nape of the neck by tucking them under the pigtails. Do the same for any loose hairs-there may be a few.

7. Finish with a bit of light hairspray and you're ready for the red carpet.

Stylists say...

The style is most convincing on layered hair, since the shorter layers in the back and the face framing layers up front will remain loose, creating the illusion of a just-cut mane.

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