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Runway Styles: The Braided Part

Braids just got better.

Braids have long been all the rage on runways across the globe. As we head into this year's festival season, we're swooning over an ultra-cool, graphic braided part. This style looks stunning when worn to the side or straight down the middle, each variation giving hairs of all lengths and textures instant edge. Plus, itis a perfect solution for next day hair.

A Chic Side Braided Part

Using a metal-tailed comb, make a subtle side part and then another part one inch below. Gather the hair that won't be braided and tie in a low bun or ponytail so it's out of your way, leaving the area you'll be braiding out. To start the braid, separate the section into three strands and French braid back, starting at your forehead and moving back toward your crown. When the braid meets the crown, tie it off with a small clear elastic, or pin it in place with one or two small bobby pins.

A Versatile Style

Once your braid is in place, the styling possibilities are endless! Let your hair air dry to its natural texture for a bohemian vibe, straighten it for a sleek look, or curl it with a wand for a style worthy of a night out with your girls. Braided parts are also great for adding something special to a classic chignon or a full and bouncy ponytail.

Stylists Say...

Braiding is easier on hair that's just a little bit dirty. This helps to keep the braid in place by giving it more grip. While next day hair is best for braids, if you've just freshly washed you hair, use a little dry shampoo or volumizing spray to add a little texture and give your braid staying power.

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