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Romantic Chignon: A Classic, Effortless Updo

For a romantic, graceful look.

An undone, romantic chignon-French for bun-brings graceful elegance to the face thanks to loose locks that cascade softly above the shoulders.

Get the Look

This ethereal style is great for an evening soiree and a wonderful way to turn next-day curls into a complete new look. If you've always thought updos were better left to the professionals, think again. Jennifer MacDougall, L'Oréal Professionnel celebrity stylist, tells us how to achieve this classic updo at home.

To start, use a little volumizing mousse. After applying thoroughly, blow it into your hair with a blow dryer," MacDougall says. Next, you'll need a little hairspray and a one-inch curling wand. "Mist every strand [with hairspray] before you hit it with the wand, curling hair away from the face to create waves. After [your hair] is all curled you'll want to make a deep side part, and then I'd suggest tying a loose-and-low side ponytail on the opposite side of the part." Tug it a little to soften it up, pulling a few tendrils down, she says. If any of these strands straighten while styling, you can touch each up with a curling iron at the end.

From here you'll divide the ponytail into two sections and twist wrap the two pieces around each other, creating a rope-like braid, "probably three twists at the most," says MacDougall. Tie a small clear elastic at the end, and then wrap the braid counter clockwise (into a bun) and secure it at the nape of the neck with a few bobby pins. Spritz a light hold hairspray on your chignon and you're good to go!

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