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  • Red Hot Hair: Copper vs. Ruby Red

Red Hot Hair: Copper vs. Ruby Red

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Copper vs. Ruby red haircolor.

A fiery debate.

There's perhaps no haircolor that brings out your inner vixen quite like a bold, vibrant red-we're looking at you, Jessica Rabbit. But, since there are so many gorgeous, head-turning shades of crimson to choose from, it can be tough to determine which is best for you-especially when you're choosing between the natural, ethereal vibes of a copper and the bold, edgy appeal of a ruby red. To end this fiery debate once and for all-and to help you determine which red you should rock-we tapped into expert, hairdresser and L'Oréal Professionnel Artist, Suzie Bond.

The Color: Copper

"Even at its most vibrant, copper is typically seen as a natural hair color," explains Bond. Unlike ruby red, copper is a color you can be born with-in fact, she shares that the shade is often found inside a brunette hair strand. This allows copper, while just as vibrant as ruby red, to feel a bit more natural and effortless. And, because the shade is so natural, it's also incredibly versatile. "Coppers look great on many skin tones," she says. "[and they] will enhance all of your positive [features]."

The Color: Ruby Red

In contrast to the more natural vibe of copper tones, Bond says that ruby red is often viewed as more fashion forward and trendy shade. "Rubies are like the [gem], a bit more rare," she says. The color isn't for the faint of heart, it's bold, brazen, and strong. Rubies are for gals who demand attention when they enter the room and Bond says they look best on women with "pale skin or [on hair with] deeper yellow, gold, or orange tones."

The Silver Lining

If you're still not sure which shade is for you, we've got some great news. "All skin tones can support a redhead," Bond shares. "Almost everyone looks great in combination warm and cool red tones. So if in doubt, try a combination red!"

Caring for Crimson

"Both tones require a bit more care and maintenance than a blonde or brunette," Bond says, but that extra TLC is worth it when you wear a red look. She recommends using shampoos and conditioners sold at the salon that have been specifically created for colored hair. "Keeping your hair in top condition will create more durability of your copper or [ruby] red shade," she says. Both shades will require a touch-up appointment about every four weeks-depending on how fast your hair grows. This will allow your hairdresser to apply color to new growth as well as refresh the pre-existing color.

Bond adds that there are helpful tips for caring for all reds. They include:

• Protect your hair from the sun.

• Use cooler water for shampooing at home.

• Always get a treatment to seal your color in the salon

• Protect your hair from heat. "Use a heat protective cream or spray prior to blow drying," she says. "Turn your hot irons down to 250-300 degrees, and try to limit your use. The heat can open the cuticle and let that gorgeous color sneak right back out!"

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