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Put a Bow on It: 2 Hairstyles Perfect for the Holidays

Add a bow to your hairstyle for an instantly festive look. Add a bow to your hairstyle for an instantly festive look.
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Loop, swoop and pull.

While scrunchies and tortoiseshell hair clips have made a comeback, it's the black velvet ribbons that have left us swooning. This simple strip of black fabric proves to be so versatile as a hair accessory. The past few seasons models have rocked their tied-back, bow-tied ponies up and down the runway and now the style is coming to your local salon and your home styling tool kit with just a few simple tips. Try our two favorite ribbon-accented 'dos to give you a better idea of your soon-to-be favorite new looks.


For the Chic Fashionista: The Long-Tail Bow

Want to take your ponytail to a new level of stylishness? As popular as hair bows are these days, it's the ultra-long tail bows that add a certain je ne sais quoi to an overall look. To get the look, style your ponytail into a three-strand braid, securing with a clear mini elastic. Tie a shiny black ribbon around your elastic, fully concealing it. While you have a lot of ribbon to work with, resist the urge to pull your loops tight because the whole point is to let the ends hang extra-long.

Pro tip: Gently pancake your braid (i.e. pull apart with your fingers for added volume) and pull a few face-framing sections out to add an ethereal, carefree touch to the modern schoolgirl bow.

For the Lived-In Hair Lover: The Loosely-Tied Bow

Whether you have straight, wavy or curly hair, it can look especially pretty when tied back. To stay true to the lived-in style trend, after you get out of the shower, opt for air drying and pull your hair back, loosely tying it with a bow. No hair tie or pins needed.

Pro tip: If you have curly hair, use the Tecni.Art Siren Waves after shampooing and conditioning to get super bouncy, healthy-looking curls. If you have fine, straight hair, finish with a spritz of workable strong-hairspray, such as the L'Oréal Professionnel Infinium 4 to prevent frizz and flyaways.



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